Saiva Sithantha Kazhagam Must Step Aside

Devotees of the Croftdene Temple in Durban want the Saiva Sithantha Kazhagam to step aside and allow the community to manage their place of worship independently.

The temple organisation, Croftdene Saivite Temple (CST) have been embroiled in a a decade long legal battle where issues have plagued devotees and the temple itself that was initiated by the SSK.

The Croftdene Saivite Temple (CST) claims that over the past 10 years, the utilities and the maintenance of the temple has been managed by the temple without the assistance of the Saiva Sithantha Kazhagam (SSK). The organisation had also launched the Croftdene Saivite Youth Movement(CSYM) which is a youth group that focuses on helping the community and have participated in many programmes to better the community.

In 2016, the CSYM became a NPO and in April 2017, the management of the CST was taken over by the CSYM. In February 2017, the building of a youth center was completed on the premises of the CST – a place where the youth can seek both spiritual and social fulfillment.

The community of Croftdene have now taken a stance to end their association with the Saiva Sithantha Kazhagam. On 29 September, a public meet was hosted with the community of Croftdene who aired their views over the inaction of the SSK to come to a resolution.

The land where the temple stands was acquired under the banner of the SSK however the temple itself was built from the generous contributions made by the devotees of the Croftdene temple as well as the community of Croftdene.

The Croftdene Saivite temple (CST) has in the past worked under the banner of the Saiva Sithantha Kazhagam (SSK) which has been operating as a separate religious organisation for the past 10 years. The Croftdene Saivite Temple group claim that the temple belongs to the community of Croftdene and not the Saiva Sithantha Kazhagam.

The legal dispute is ongoing.

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