Ask Indian People One Question You Want Answered

The Joburger on Facebook came up with a snap session asking White & Black folks to get Indian’s to provide answers to questions they’ve always wanted know.

We picked out 39 questions and some are just rip-roaring hilarious, check them out below

  1. Whenever I see a rich Indian, I always ask: What does that Naidoo?
  2. Are you guys naturally born with fire-resistant taste buds????
  3.  Is there any tall Indian granny?
  4. Are you raised to support Man United and Liverpool?
  5. OK explain this…. Can your legs dislocate and extend? Because if I see a GTI its usualy a short Indian guy but it looks like they sit on the back seat while driving?
  6. Do Indian males take a vow to never stop wearing bootleg jeans with Ferarri Puma sneakers?
  7. What’s up with the tissue box at the back of the car ??
  8. Why do indians from Durban ,who now live in jhb, think that they’ve made it in life ? Even though they still bath with the big green sunlight soap.
  9. Do literally every indian family have a cupboard stacked with AMC pots?
  10. Why didn’t you ever appreciate the yellow potato sandwiches your ma’ gave you for lunch? Those things were tops.
  11. Why do you guys when telling a story end your sentences with ‘right’ or ‘but’ ?
  12.  Is it compulsory to play Thannie for 3 hours a day and does it actually help when you snap the card between your fingers as you lay it down?
  13.  Why do you ask a question and answer it? e.g. “Where you going? Home”
  14. Why do you guys like negotiating prices on everything?
  15. What does motherchod mean??????
  16. Are all the men born with gel in their hair for spikes
  17. Are the red dots on there heads signals to let you know your wife is recording? For future arguments.
  18. Why do you want to buy everything? I work in an aquarium and Indians always ask me if they can buy our fish.
  19. What’s with the word “kassam”. I’m telling you about the horrid Durban storm, then you start “kassiming” me. WTF. Why you cursing me now?
  20. I’ve got a feeling you are keeping the Puma shoe division alive… is this true?
  21. Indians have the MOST BEAUTIFUL hair !!!!!!!!!???
  22. Another question… the Bollywood dancing thing, do yall break out in that at random in a club? Like High school musical style? Does everyone know those dance moves?
  23.  Is it compulsory for 5 generations of one family to stay in one house?
  24. Why do you like gallivanting at Monte Casino for hours without doing anything in a large group consisting of aunts uncles grands nieces nephews and maybe neighbours?
  25. Why do all the Joburg Indians always say they come from Chatsworth! How big is that place anyway!
  26. Do your parents own shares with Volkswagen?
  27. Do Indian people just always have a pot of food ready Incase anyone comes over? You Guys always feed people as they walk in even if u didn’t know we were coming. And the “Aunty” will force you to eat even if u already full!
  28. Ok here goes… What is a marachort and benchort and why do you keep shouting this at taxi drivers? 
  29. At what age does the hot food initiation classes start? Can A baby refuse? Can they still be Indian?
  30. Do you guys have your own secret indian edition Facebook ? Because for some reason everyone knows each other …..”ya dis ou’s my ballies uncles ,friend who works at the same store as my auntie thats married to the ekses cousin”
  31. As for the vw golf velocities. Wtf? Always challenging us to race with y’all? I could be driving a Mercedes c 63, still,you wanna race. But why tho?
  32. Why do you have an accent when you speak to other Indian people, but not when you speak to people from another race?
  33.  How do you guys sneak so many visitors into the hospital during visiting (or even non-visiting) hours? 
  34. And u guys have taken over the Call center industry!! Wsup with that? U dominate most major call centers. And u guys climb up the ladder so fast while u at it. Do u just love the job or is it some kind of a calling?
  35. Why do y’all take stainless steel pots of food to your family outings to the beach? Have you not heard about tupperware?
  36. How is it that I will be standing 2 cm away from Indians gossiping and I cannot hear a word they are saying?
  37. Do Indian restaurants have a special low-burn “hot” for when whities order a hot vindaloo so that we don’t die?
  38. Why do you install a sound system in your car that’s powerful enough for a live concert at Ellis Park?
  39. Why do Indians change their names after high school? In high school you’d be known as Poonandran then @varsity you become Kevin or Wayne, whats up with that?

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