The Sunday Times Sex Survey Is Out!

The Sunday Times sex survey was run last month with about 2000 South Africans revealing a startling number of sexual statistics.


The respondents were segmented into the following demographics: age, sexual orientation, race, location, relationship status and gender.

Here’s the highlights of the survey that was published in this Sunday edition in the ‘The Lifestyle’.

How often do South African have sex?

Only 6,5% of us have sex daily while 37% shag 2 -3 times daily. Adults aged between 41 – 50 years have ranked as the horniest who have more sex than any other age group while 14,8% do it once a fortnight. Almost 20% engage in sex once a week whilst 18% every few months.

Does his penis size matter?

A staggering 25.8% of size queens want a bigger penis while 21.1% don’t care, 4.7% are disappointed with a small penis.

Straight men in the size survey, 32.2% of them chose the option ‘not relevant to me’ as their option…..ya neh, okay then moving along!

A big penis freaks out 4.6% of South Africans and 43,5% believe it’s the motion of the ocean rather than size that satisfies them. Another anomaly was that 11% of lesbians think penis size is ‘very important’ despite them being able to select ‘not relevant to me.’

What about lesbian sex?

Majority of lesbians enjoy same-sex satisfaction every few months but beating them to frequency are the gays who get it on 2-3 times a week.

Porn was a no no for 19.5% of lesbians and 21% of straight women while the rest of the male & femal respondents (gay, straight, bisexual) certainly love their porn!

The kinky side of South Africans

Group sex certainly was popular choice of fantasies for 37,7% of men and 24,7% of women as well.

A 40% chance of that MILF you saw in Woolies has got her rocks off fantasizing about orgies rather than shagging a colleague or a partner’s sibling. The older respondents in the age gap of 41 – 65 love group sex fantasies.

Watching porn still makes 30% of people feel guilty in this day & age while over 43% love porn and 16,4% have no interest in porn.

Tie me up, tie me down

We would have expected that after watching Christian Grey in Fifty Shades as the sexy BDSM master it would have brought out the Anastasia in you but sorry to say South African’s haven’t really explored this as a sexual kink in their lives.

Stop being so racist I say! In this fantastically diverse nation of Satafrika you would expect that race would not be an issue but it certainly is where most prefer to have sex within their race groups.

Sex Toys: 74,8% of straight black women and 43,3% of white women do NOT indulge in toys

The most sex by province: The Western Cape is where most of South Africans have sex followed by KwaZulu-Natal and then Gauteng.

Condoms for 16,9% of singles was never used and their excuse was being drunk while 20% just did it without one due to the lack of one not being around.

Who has the BIGGER sex drive? In the lead were Black Africans followed by Whites then Coloured and Indians were last in the rankings.

What do you think about when having sex with your partner? Most of the respondents thought about their partners while others just got on with it thinking of nothing.

Anal sex for 31,7% of men was something they wanted to do (we’re not sure on themselves or not) BUT their partners were not into it. A staggering 49,5% of people refuse to even entertain the thought while the rest of the nation had divided opinions where 14% chose to do it on ‘special occasions.’ We’re thinking like what maybe Christmas?

Then the one strange choice that has me worried is that a percentage of South African’s have a desire to experience a ‘farmyard excursion.’ All I have to say is what the hell is wrong with you people?

Watch out for the great big Indian sex survey coming soon on IndianSpice.

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