Trisha Poona Giving Power Back To Women

Durban wife, mum and businesswoman, Trisha Poona, who represented South Africa at the glitzy Mrs Universe pageant at the city’s Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre on 2 September 2017, has harnessed her passion for women empowerment to fulfil her dream of “helping women be the best version of themselves.”

Trisha Poona
Trisha Poona, who represented South Africa at the Mrs Universe event in Durban in September, has teamed up with local model, Iman Sheik, for an initiative aimed at empowering women and young girls.

Trisha, 37, a fitness and image consultant, is determined to educate, inspire and bolster the confidence of South African teenagers, young women and older individuals so they can live a life of purpose and passion without prejudice.

Trisha has teamed up with model and 2015 Miss South Africa finalist, Iman Sheik, to launch Flourish Image, a women empowerment initiative directed at individuals at various stages of womanhood. Combining their expertise in lifestyle and image consulting, Trisha and Iman are working tirelessly to remodel self-esteems to help each woman/teenager identify their purpose so they can craft a future based on confidence and “being comfortable in their own skin.”

“Before I started Flourish Image, I was a fitness trainer at a gym in Umhlanga where I got to train men and women and be part of their incredible journey to weight loss and fitness,” says Trisha. “Their changes were not just physical but emotional and social too. The sense of self confidence and self-esteem they derived from the journey was incredible to see. Being part of their personal triumph together with the women empowerment ethos of Mrs South Africa and Mrs Universe

helped me realise my passion for utilising my skills to effect positive, impactful change in our women and girls.”

For Trisha, working with women especially young women, is a source of immense joy. Using her skills as a coach and an accredited image consultant, Trisha has helped mould many young women into self-assured, secure individuals who have a healthy sense of self and a robust body image. “Iman and

I started our journeys alone with no guidance, trial-and-error and barely any faith in ourselves. Until one day someone saw an opportunity in us,” explains Trisha. “Today, we are empowered women

who are living our passion. We have turned this passion into years of knowledge and we share this knowledge with girls and women. We want to be their opportunity.”

Berea resident, Iman, shares this sentiment and is particularly hopeful for young women in our country. “Being young, I too have gone through challenges that many young South Africans face,” says the 21-year old, adding, “Joining Trisha on this journey to inspire young women, is a privilege I am grateful for as I now have the opportunity to live out my purpose, namely to be the millennial that South African girls can identify with.”

Packing magnetic personalities and infectious positivity, Trisha and Iman are already seeing significant success with their tailor-made, interactive sessions. They cover everything from developing a healthy body image to skin care, establishing a balanced lifestyle and eating plan to how to take a perfect selfie!

“When you have a date with destiny – be it a job interview, a make-or-break presentation or a meeting with potential influencers – you need confidence and self-belief,” adds Trisha. “It takes just 30 seconds to make an impression so the way you present and carry yourself is relevant for every woman. I just want to give young women a head-start.”

Trisha has a Diploma in Coaching & Training from Natal Technikon and is an accredited Image Consultant with Colourworks International, affiliated with (AICI).

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