Meet Saffiya Ismail Cassim

Saffiya Ismail Cassim is a published author who has contributed to two anthologies Riding the Samoosa Express and Saffron.

She has contributed to some of the largest digital publications in South Africa & Internationally, some of her pieces can be found on Women24, News24, Ladysmith Gazette, Al-Qalam and Huffington Post.

She has edited a book Islam – A Religion of Peace by Saleem Ahmed with publishing house Moving Pen in Hawaii. She is currently a columnist for Indian Spice and has recently piloted a new segment called Everyday Phenomenal.

Between her strong passion for writing and being part of the corporate world, she is a coffee drinker, a tea sipper and a Masterchef in her own kitchen. She is also a serial binge watcher and says she is “Living vicariously through herself”. Everything pales in comparison; being a mother is her best accomplishment.

I realise through my interactions with diverse people that no one has it all figured out. It’s an odious misconception that we actually know what we doing 100% of the time. This is why we read to gain knowledge and insight; we find comfort in knowing that we are not alone on this journey. Through my writing I am trying in a small way to help empower women, so that it can resonate with someone; to quintessentially help us survive, thrive and find joy.

Being a Muslim woman, I try to change the stereotypical view that most have about “Muslim women” we are these black clad mysterious voiceless women. Our voices are amplified she says you are probably not listening ….

The biggest challenge in life comes from my very own kind; fellow women. We witness, we experience; we live through this daily. I fervently believe if women support each other; bond together; move beyond hostility, envy; we will be a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t matter what your background is, every women has the power within her to be truly amazing.

This is not a feminist rant; read Simone de Beauvoir for that.

We don’t always need to be in the spotlight to make a difference,

One can be a pioneer from the shadows.

Saffiya was nominated for the prestigious Women of Wonder Awards and was one of the recipients at a Gala Event on 4th August 2018, she can now add WOW Awardee for 2018.

Being a writer IndianSpice definitely does not stifle one’s creativity, and that is why I am here. Click here to view all her articles

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