Birthday Girl Juhi Chawla’s Five Most Priceless Expressions

Juhi Chawla was the star of the 90s and her long-time co-star Shah Rukh thinks her comic timing is simply awesome. We couldn’t agree more. She’s cute, funny and gorgeously simple. As she touches 50, we bring you some of her funniest film scenes that not only crack up SRK, but will do the magic for you too!

Juhi’s Happy Yes Boss Face

Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan in <i>Yes Boss. </i>
Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan in Yes Boss.
(Source: YouTube/Amer Aslam

Juhi was at her quirkiest best with Shah Rukh in Yes Boss (1997).

The Bewitched Nose Tickle

Juhi Chawla’s adorable expressions in <i>Yes Boss.</i>
Juhi Chawla’s adorable expressions in Yes Boss.
(Source: YouTube/Venus Movies

Not only does Juhi have expressive eyes and a million dollar smile, her dimples and her adorable nose add a great deal to her comic expressions.

Juhi’s Confused ‘Sridevi’ Face

Funny even when she’s confused, Juhi Chawla in <i>Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke.</i>
Funny even when she’s confused, Juhi Chawla in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke.
(Source: YouTube/Tips Music

Remember her lost-puppy-cum-mischievous-teenager look in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993)? That thing she does with her eyes her is so Sridevi though. Love it!

The Naughty, Flawlessly Pretty Face

The refreshing Juhi in <i>Darr. </i>
The refreshing Juhi in Darr.
(Source: YouTube/PremGatha Geet

The simple and fun-loving Juhi Chawla of Darr (1993) didn’t quite deserve a stalker, but we loved Shah Rukh even as the psycho.

Yes, Of course She Is the Best

Juhi’s quirk in <i>Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani.</i>
Juhi’s quirk in Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani.
(Source: YouTube/BollywoodSongs

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (2000) might have bombed at the box office but Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan’s comic timing was perfect! How adorable is Ms Chawla in the title track?

On Juhi’s big day, all we want to say is this,


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