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Megazone staffers to face criminal charges

After months of investigations, Internet streaming broadcaster, Megazone Radio are moving swiftly to lay criminal charges against former employees.

Megazone RadioCharges include malicious damage to company property, trespassing, sabotage, defeating and obstruction of justice, intimidation and harassment against the employees.

In an interview with the Post newspaper, the company’s legal representative commented, “The employees were in breach of the restraint clause in their contracts of employment and the company will be pursuing the necessary high court application in this regard,”

Four staffers, which included channel managers, a technical manager and a call-centre manager refused to report for work after their salaries were not paid. The company reasons at that time were due to the company’s CEO; Vishal Maharaj being hospitalized prevented the staffers remunerations from being paid.

In her response to the Post Newspaper a few months ago over the pay issue  she said: “With the current slow economic climate, there is a ripple effect of slow-paying clients that filters down to our overheads but (they) are being managed successfully.”

Following a social media outburst and a series of incidents at the station, Megazone management took the decision to suspend the staffers and proceeded with an internal inquiry. According to Maharaj, the investigation revealed that the staff members took matters into their own hands damaging vital studio equipment and interrupting normal programming.

The costs of their alleged actions caused damages to the cost of R300 000.

“They maliciously damaged the Company’s studio equipment, computers and telephone lines. They tampered with the CEO’s laptop by changing his password. They tampered with and interrupted the Bollywood channel’s live radio broadcasts. They illegally accessed the Company’s surveillance and watched the traffic of people entering and leaving the Company premises.”

The four staffers are also accused of

  1. Harassment of other staff who were reporting for duty and threatened them with violence should they continue reporting for duty.
  2. Contacting Megazone service providers creating the aspersion that the company was in dire circumstances and would close down.
  3. Tampering with company surveillance to prevent any evidence of their alleged destruction of studio property.
  4. Changing passwords and withholding information that disrupted Megazones capacity to operate optimally.

The staffers since their suspension have taken to social media in attempts to defame Megazone and the CEO, Mr. Vishal Maharaj.

Attempts to carry out a disciplinary hearing against the four staffers have been impossible, as their legal advisor has not responded to Megazone.

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