VIDEO: Fifty Shades Freed This Valentines 2018

After 24 hours, the trailer hit 30.6M official international views. Top performing markets include Brazil (6.1M views), the UK (4.1M views), Mexico (3.8M views), France (3.3M views) and Italy (2.4M views).

Several markets held trailer screenings with a special recorded introductory greeting from Jamie Dornan to engage and excite fans in cinema and online including:  Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, France and Spain. Netherlands in particular opened their pre-booking campaign to record numbers, they sold over 20k tickets in the first 24 hours. Jamie Dornan also completed select greetings for online to accompany the trailer break in Australia, Germany and the UK.

Online reactions from both press and social media have been very positive. Audiences are generally very impressed with the “breathtaking” trailer, with many saying that seeing the movie is “all they want to do on Valentine’s Day.” Editorial reactions mention the “sensuality” in the “engrossing” trailer and are positive in regards to the danger and action elements.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Kahn for simply reporting factual, informative information…no spin, no opinion, no innuendo – how refreshing.

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