Rachel Kalidass shock resignation from SABC Board

The SABC board just a month into their operation after being confirmed by President Jacob Zuma have been rocked by a new crisis.

Rachel Kalidass resigns from SABC Board with immediate effect, claiming side-lining and victimization. She rose to prominence during the 2016 Parliamentary hearings when her meticulous minute-keeping exposed fraud & corruption during ‘s tenure.

Kalidass says in her resignation letter that she disagrees with the board’s preferred candidates for the positions of Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO).


Kalidass does not name the candidate for CEO‚ but Democratic Alliance MP Phumzile van Damme names him in a statement as Alan Mukoki.

“There is also a conflict of interest, as a significant #SABC content service provider, the majority of board members were in favour of having him appointed as the SABC CEO.

Kalidass was nominated by all the political parties.

Read her resignation letter here


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