Disgraced Glo Cosmetics’ Shiloh King attacks Neil Ramautar

Disgraced Durban make-up artist, Shiloh King who was exposed for retailing cheap knock-offs of cosmetic products is stirring drama yet again on social media.

The self-proclaimed make-up queen has begun attacking Etre-Belle owner Neil Ramautar in an attempt to sideline the scandal surrounding her products which were exposed by former clients. King’s social media pages and website lay claims to manufacturing their own make-up and skincare products at a lab.

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In recent days, King laid into Ramautar claiming that he was cyber bullying her and was responsible for the scandal against her company.

Her social media post reads:

Normally I do not worry about what other makeup artists fabricate about me because they are really children in this industry. But Miss Neil Ramautar has been one of the driving forces behind the smear campaign that’s been launched against me. These are exactly the kind of people that spread rumours and gossip to bring others down so they can feel better about themselves. We know that Children now days love Drama Queens and us successful women really don’t have the time of day because we respect everyone. Miss Neil Ramautar is a typical example of the media that sensationalise lies.

Like for example :
– She says in this video that I pay my staff commission and not a basic salary. I would love for her to prove it.
– She says that my products are purchased from Alibaba. I would so love for her to prove it.
– She mocks my free Makeovers. I challenge Miss Neil Ramautar to have a Month of Free Makeovers 🙂
– She came to my store on my birthday with her groupies to cause a scene in front of my customers and was really frustrated because she asked my staff if they recognise her and they said NO we don’t know who you are. That really pissed her off because my staff didn’t know who she was.

How many of you would love Miss Neil Ramautar to accept my challenge? Come on Neil let’s put your money where your mouth is. – Shiloh King’s Facebook post

The above post contained this video of Ramautar

King has been accused of relabeling cosmetic products that were allegedly purchased via online retailer

Shiloh King’s Sister Distances Herself

In another surprise development King’s sister has come out in defense of Neil Ramautar.

IOL reported that Phoenix resident Ronel Govender claimed to have purchased skin-lightening products for her husband Jerome from artist Shiloh King, the owner of Glo Cosmetics.

But Govender claimed her husband had a skin reaction after using the products, which were meant to remove acne scarring. He discovered when he removed the labeling that the original labeling was scratched off and replaced with Glo Cosmetics labels.

They established that the packaging was identical to a cheap skincare range called ‘White’, sold on online shopping sites such as Alibaba for as little as $1 (R14.31) an item. Govender paid R3 500 for her range of products from Glo Cosmetics.

Fake Glo Cosmetics by Shiloh King
Former clients reveal the true labels that were covered by Glo Cosmetic labels.

Shiloh King has evaded the public and media with regards to substantiating claims that her products are legitimate and has failed to provide evidence of her range being registered and legal.

Neil Ramautar is currently filing a legal response against King for her social media outburst.

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