‘Shikhandi’ Experiments With Gender, Sexuality & Mythology

Shikhandi is perhaps one of the earliest trans-characters known in history/mythology. Shikhandi appears in the Mahabharata and plays a crucial part in winning the battle of Kurukshetra for the Pandavas.

This comic re-telling of the story of Shikhandi, was a runner-up at the recent Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Awards2016.

In today’s cinema, the people of the transgender community are portrayed in a stereotypical manner. Shikhandi, the play, aims to bring about a change in that mindset with intelligent humour and wit.

It will take some time for the revolution that begins in the theatre, to hit the silver screen.

Written and directed by Faezeh Jalali, the cast includes Meher Acharia-Dar, Mahnaz Damania, Vikrant Dhote, Karan Desai, Nikhil Murali and Srishti Srivastava. The play is being showcased at the NCPA.

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