Shiloh King: Fake cosmetics and now fake fashion label

Shiloh King owner of embattled Glo Cosmetics has come under the spotlight again, this time for her knock-off fashion line Glo Dazzle. 

A former client of Glo disclosed on social media how she purchased a dress from the Glo Dazzle catalogue for R1,200 only to discover the very same dress sold online on another website for a meagre R28.

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Arya Maharaj’s post reads:

I had bought a dress from glo dazzle for R1200 only to realise that is was sold on wish for R28. So shiloh im very politely asking you to also explain why is it that your brand of clothing is being sold on all these cheap sites for such ridiculous prices? Should your lawyers not be contacting them as well for stealing your brands designs? Or was i conned into buying a cheap china import just like your cosmetics? Please do not bother to delete this post or lie as i do have more than enough proof, and dare it be deleted before i am answered i will contact the sales houses as i have researched indepthly on the matter and the models you so proudly display on your site of your so called brand glo dazzle are contracted to these sites exclusively and earn royalties there off. So thats a legal case for you in a real context.

Again I ask of you to please explain the attached pics as to why your brand or unique exclusive limited edition designs are being sold for next to nothing in cheap sites for next to nothing and why have your models pics being used on these sites with your clothing from even before you have created it?

Forging legal documents

Shiloh King has also been outed for forging an attorney’s letter and posting up on her Facebook profile


What next from the disgraced Shiloh King? 

ALSO READ: Disgraced Glo Cosmetics’ Shiloh King attacks Neil Ramautar click here

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