Yudhika Sujanani gave faith a chance, look at her now

Faith for the fearless! I grew up in a family that fell on hard financial times. Being broke and living in a rented basement got some tongues wagging.

It was in that basement in Barracuda Drive, Isipingo Beach I began talking about what my life was going to be like. I told the tallest tales about being on Telly, being famous writing books, big houses and diamond earrings.

It frustrated everyone because the attention in our home focused on finances or the lack of it. Being poor comes at a high price. It costs dearly. It takes everything. I watched my grandmother’s possessions disappear as she tried to keep our family together. Pawning sentimental jewelry, borrowing money, taking on work that paid peanuts, the arguing and fighting…domestic violence was painted as the ‘women won’t listen’ and ‘in the name of peace’.

There isn’t a single one of us who came out unbroken. We’re born knowing our destiny but we choose to listen to what people around us say and not our instinct.

My childhood ramblings became my reality, my success and achievement. It’s a long lonely road when you take a road no one supports. Society judges harshly … so does family and friends. The greatest mistake I made was expecting to be understood and supported. There is no such thing. You have to go down these roads on your own. The loneliness keeps you focused and from listening to everyone’s noise and fears of failure.

As children, we grow carrying the fear of our parents’ failure. We carry all kinds of fear from peers and society too. It’s not yours to own. Stop for a few minutes and find out which fears you own. Find the ones that belong to others and return them. The fear of failure has destroyed many dreams. It’s the shame of failure, which stops some of us before we even begin.

Faith…it’s a long road to healing and believing in yourself. Get on the road, give faith a chance. Pack up the fears that don’t belong to you, return them immediately. Tune into yourself, your very own station and listen out for your destiny. Your life has a tune and you can’t keep dancing to someone else’s. It’s a leap of faith and yes – faith – makes you fearless.

Yudhika Sujanani

Gorgeous celebrity chef, author and personality Yudhika is best-known for her designer heels and signature curry dishes but this “Curry Queen of Bling” is not exclusively focused on Indian cuisine. Read more here