The Govenders and their love of Ford cars

Two Durban brothers, Donovan and Dion Govender, are the proud owners of a collection of 20 classic Ford cars, driven by the slogan “Old is gold, so treasure it while you can.”

Donovan, a self-confessed Ford Fanatic, says his love affair with Fords began when he was a small boy. At the time his dad, Sonny, drove a Ford 20M and his mum, Saroj, had a Ford Sierra 3.0 GLX. Both cars are still in the family!

“This was the beginning of my interest in classic Ford models and I became a lover of old-school Fords in particular,” explains Donovan. “When my brother, Dion, was in Standard 8 he bought a Cortina XR6, which is also still in the family.

“It was then that I realised that I too wanted a Ford and I wanted one before I finished high school. I was incredibly lucky that my father and my brother began to look for something for me and in 2006 they bought me my Ford Cortina 3.0 S for R9000. That was my first car” says Donovan.

An older model of car, the Ford Cortina needed some work done to it and Donovan was happy to oblige. He hurried home from school everyday to work on his Cortina to create the dream car that it is today. With extreme attention to detail and not prepared to settle for anything less than perfection, Donovan worked on this car for the next decade before he was happy with its restoration.

Today Donovan and Dion Govender own 20 Fords between them and their collection continues to grow. “Whenever we see a clean Ford classic with potential – we buy it!” laughs Donovan.

“Our collection now includes a 1974 Fairlane 500, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1983 Cortina pick-ups, 1981 Cortina 3.0 GLS, 1978 Cortina 2.0 GL, 1983 Granada Ghia, 1983 Cortina XR6, 1991 Sierra 3.0 GL, a 1986 Sierra XR6, and of course, my original Cortina 3.0 S” adds Donovan.

The Govender brothers have entered many car shows and walked away with numerous awards. They continue to participate as they enjoy spending time with like-minded people who appreciate classic cars, and most-especially Fords!

Donovan’s classic Fords are his daily drive vehicle and he prefers driving them to modern cars. “I feel proud driving in traffic when my cars attract admiring glances from fellow motorists and pedestrians. My first car was a classic Ford and I believe my last car will also be a Ford,” concluded Donovan, a True-Blue Ford fan.

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