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Charge President Jacob Zuma now

Future South Africa calls on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to reinstate charges against President Jacob Zuma – without any further delay.

Today (November 30) is the deadline for new submissions from Zuma around whether the NPA should reinstate charges against the him.

tamil federation

We are calling on the NPA to do its job without fear or favour and reinstate the charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering against the President.

It goes without saying that Zuma should be charged, irrespective of the new submissions. This follows the Supreme Court of Appeal’s dismissal of Zuma’ bid to appeal a previous ruling that he could still face the reinstatement of the charges of fraud and corruption against him.

There can be no more excuses – Zuma must face the charges and deal with the consequences.

We have also seen over the last year, compelling prima facie evidence against Zuma – over and above the original counts of fraud and corruption – presented in academic and other reports, books, investigative articles and leaked emails that all point towards the President.

The credibility of the NPA, and proof of its independence, is dependent on what decision it takes on the matter following today’s submissions.

We are calling on civil society organisations and people across the country to intensify their efforts against the capture of key institutions of the state, such as the NPA. FutureSA commends the Unite Behind Movement for its recent sit in at the NPA’s offices, demanding Zuma’s arrest, or the arrest of its activists. We also commend the group for its planned activities in the Western Cape around the reinstatement of the charges.

In the coming weeks, FutureSA will be hosting a mass rally in Johannesburg reiterating the need for Zuma to be removed so that the country can start working towards dismantling state capture and beginning the process of rebuilding a state with integrity.

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