Thunee: The Indian card game where you earn cash!

It has set itself as the leading online & app card game that allows you to learn the and compete against other thunee enthusiasts around the world for cash prizes! offers card players three modes of play – Single player, multiplayer and League, as you earn points you unlock each game mode respectively.

Besides the enormous fun factor, one of Thunee’s greatest draw cards is the bragging rights that accompany winning and seeing your name zoom up the leaderboard. tapped into that insight and constructed gameplay to ”scratch that itch” in all game types.

In Single player mode, you will marvel at the application’s intuitive feel and layers of Artificial Intelligence together. Multiplayer boasts a responsive chat feature for the 2player and 4player versions. The online league has 5 divisions to separate the best from the rest. Cheating, a common tactic in Thunee, is allowed across all versions of the game as well.

Never before has an online version come this close to the real game!

Thunee is best played with 4 people, comprising of two teams. Your partner sits opposite you at the table and your opponents to the left and right of you. Thunee, after the Tamil word for water, is a popular trick-taking card game that originated in Durban, South Africa.

Don’t have a clue How to play Thunee then click here

The game dates back to the early days of the Indian indentured-labourers who arrived in South Africa to work in the sugarcane fields. Variations of the game can be found in Mauritius as well as in Sri Lanka where it’s known as 304.

The Single player is a great starting point to learn the game flow and features, the Multiplayer mode brings the social features into play with their in-game chat, opponent search and of course private games.

The League separates the best from the rest and gives thunee players an opportunity to earn your bragging rights and cash prizes. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Register an account and start playing single player till you unlock multiplayer at 3000 points.
  2. Earn 2000 points in multiplayer by playing 2Player random or 4 player private games. Once your points reach a total of 5000 you will unlock Leagues.
  3. Your league journey begins in Division 5 and you have to work your way up to Division 1 and win it. You will get a Golden Ticket for winning division 1 and you can use that to enter the cash prize pools. You are now playing for money!

Don’t have a clue How to play Thunee then click here

So go on, register an account and start playing by visiting

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