Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning a multi day Indian wedding is stressful, but with our timeline you can ease some of that stress! A wedding checklist is essential to every wedding to ensure that no detail has been missed and that things are going the way they are supposed to.

The checklist usually has several timelines and the timeframes usually vary as the wedding date approaches. Here’s some tips from us.

High Level – Discuss with Partner:

  1. Start with the high-level big picture with your partner FIRST
  2. Discuss the high-level with both families
  3. Come to a decision about the high level with your partner.

Desires / Priorities: What does each partner want? Now is the time to talk about your ideal wedding, and what you both want the most.  

Example –

Groom:  Live music at reception

Bride:  High-end food that includes cuisine from all over the world

End Result:  A three-course black tie “gala” type reception with a band

Budget:  This one can get complicated. Discuss who’s paying for what, are you – the couple – paying for the bulk of the wedding? Do you want to (or have to) pay for the wedding? Or are parents helping out? Don’t assume A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G – talk about it!

Number of events: Do you want the Big Fat Indian wedding? Or do you want to keep things simple with only one-pre-wedding event?  It’s crucial for the couple to get on the same page before you discuss anything with families.

Guest count:  This one gets tricky.  Discuss your desired headcount together first, then bring in the family opinions.  [Brace yourself…]

Location:  Destination wedding or a local? In Bride’s hometown or where you currently live?  As you discuss, think about the factors that come into play with each location.

Venue type: Think high level.  Do you want a venue with outdoor space? Allows outside catering? Traditional wedding hall or non-traditional space?

Now, move onto the discussing with families:

High Level – Discuss with Families: Go through each high-level step again, this time with your family.

Depending on your family dynamics (or logistics of where they’re located), it could be better to have a meeting with each family first, and then come together to discuss decisions.

High-Level Outcome:  From the outcome of the High-Level items, move onto two items.

Venue: At this point, you have enough information to look at venues that meet your needs (water view, outside catering allowed, etc).  

     Pick your wedding venue based on criteria

  • Your requirements (outdoor area for cocktail hour, view of lake, etc)
  • Outside catering allowed (if you don’t want to use their catering options)
  • Allows Indian weddings (ie small fire on mandap for ceremony, Baraat outside, etc)
  • What services are included (cake, wedding coordinator, lighting etc)
  • Do they offer package deals for multiple events?

Website / Save the Dates:  Once you have your venue, date, and events, you can start building out a wedding website and explore save the dates.

The Indian Spice Wedding Checklist

Do This Now!

  1. Decide the size of the wedding and number of functions.
  2. Allocate responsibilities between both families.
  3. Draw up a guest list.
  4. Visit possible venue(s) to discuss availability.
  5. Interview caterers, hotels and restaurants and discuss sample  menus.
  6. Visit possible venue(s) to discuss availability.
  7. Order wedding invitations.
  8. Book a professional photographer and/or videographer.
  9. Choose florist and a floral theme for your wedding.
  10. Audition musicians/make music arrangements for the Sangeet.
  11. Decide upon you lighting requirements.
  12. Start purchasing your trousseau, wedding and reception outfits.
  13. Speak to travel agents about honeymoon destinations.
  14. Plan your wedding budget, collect estimate from all your wedding  professionals.
  15. Set dates for pre-wedding celebrations.

Take it Easy… 2/3 months to go.

  1. Have all your bookings confirmed in writing.
  2. Invite pandit/granthi for the ceremony.
  3. Maintain good contacts with your all your wedding professionals:  caterers, florist, musicians etc.
  4. Send out invitations.
  5. Choose wedding rings.
  6. Shop for tikka gifts.
  7. Keep a record of acceptances and refusals.
  8. Finalize your honeymoon plans, make sure your passports and  vaccinations are upto date and you have applied for all necessary  visas.
  9. Book accomodation for out of town guests.
  10. Plan your menu and any special requirements with the caterers.

Buckle up… 1 month to go!

  1. Be sure your wedding clothes are collected and ready to wear.
  2. Make appointments with hair-dresser and beautician.
  3. Organize Mehendi artist.
  4. Order mithai and related items.
  5. Finalize plans for the Sangeet.
  6. Book your hotel for your wedding night if required.
  7. Make sure that you and the groom have luggage for the honeymoon,  think about what you want to pack.
  8. If required, book some musicians for the groom’s arrival.
  9. Book wedding cars.

Lets get cracking… 2 weeks to go!

  1. Finalize the number of guests and inform the caterers in writing.
  2. Arrange for all your salwars and saris to be ironed and packed.
  3. Confirm with the florist the exact arrangements for collection or  delivery of all flowers.
  4. Make final checks on all your bookings.
  5. Order relevant traveller’s cheques or foreign currency, if needed.

All set… 1 week to go!

  1. Confirm all bookings.
  2. Confirm menu with caterers and arrange for drinks to be delivered.
  3. Confirm arrangements for hired crockery, cutlery, glassware or table  linen.
  4. Your wedding clothes should be ready, try on outfits.

D day… the day before the wedding

  1. Your florist should prepare and soak all flowers and foliage and  have them ready.
  2. Make sure wedding cars are clean.
  3. Pack your honeymoon suitcase, ready for delivery to the reception.
  Make sure your fiance has packed his.
  4. Visit the hairdresser and beautician.
  5. Try to relax and have an early night.

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