Durban Spa responds to Shiloh King’s lies

Durban: Glo Cosmetics’ Shiloh King makes more damning accusations against Durban-based spa ‘Basil and Bamboo.’

Following an alleged complaint from a client that visited the spa, King responded to the disgruntled client claiming that she had ‘shut down’ the Basil & Bamboo spa due to their lack of ‘proper hygiene & poor service.’

However, Basil & Bamboo responded on Monday morning to the claims made by Shiloh King that she ‘shut them down.’

Hi All ?? Basil & Bamboo was not closed down by Shiloh King or Glo Cosmetics (Can we all pray or this woman ???)  On the contrary, we are making improvements to our Make up Studio following increase in demand for MC Make-Up which we are a stockist of. Please contact us via FB and we will get in touch with you if you need to purchase. 

The ‘Basil & Bamboo’ spa had suspended the sale, stock and use of the brand Glo Cosmetics after the shocking revelations came to light in a Sunday Tribune exposé in October 2017. 

The Westville-based spa ‘Basil and Bamboo’ issued a statement to warn consumers that it had severed ties with the company – Glo Cosmetics. In its statement, the spa said it had stocked the Glo Cosmetics range, the formulas of which King claimed to be her intellectual property.

“Due to a failure by Glo Cosmetics to provide pertinent information regarding the product, or its origin, we initiated our own investigation into the make-up range. In the process, we made appalling discoveries about Glo Cosmetics.

“We immediately resolved to cease all relations with Glo Cosmetics in the interest of ethical business conduct and consumer interest,” the spa said.

Knock-off cosmetic products 

The debacle first emerged when Phoenix resident Ronel Govender took to social media to raise her concerns when she noticed the skincare products she bought from Glo Cosmetics had been relabelled. She alleged her husband had a reaction to the products.

Hundreds of clients expressed their shock on Facebook since the facts emerged that Glo Cosmetics was relabelling knock-off brands that are sold online for a fraction of the price.

Some posted images of the labels being removed from the Glo Cosmetics products, only to find an original MC Makeup label underneath.


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King was sent a letter by the Sunday Tribune Herald on Thursday requesting information. This included proof of claims that she manufactured products in her lab. She had earlier claimed this on her website, but it was removed this week.

In the “about” section of the Glo Cosmetics Facebook page, it stated King has more than 20 years’ experience and has developed an affordable high-definition cosmetic range for all skin types.

On Instagram, Glo Cosmetics also stated that its “manufacturing lab was FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant”. However, when the Sunday Tribune questioned a Glo Cosmetics representative last week about the lab allegation, he said the products were sourced from credible labs in Asia.

Submit your complaints to initiate a Glo Cosmetics investigation

ASA acting chief executive, Gail Schimmel, said there would be an investigation when official complaints were lodged with the organisation.

“Consumers affected by the allegations can lay an official complaint by logging on to our website ( and filling out the complaint form. It will be investigated, and a ruling on the matter can then be made,” said Schimmel.

Source inputs: IOL, Facebook 


  1. Shiloh King attacks Neil Ramautar more
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