Share your wedding story with us

If you think you have a wedding that will inspire our readers, you can submit it to us for publication.

Send us 10 – 15 low res photos that you think best represent the highlights of the wedding to

Please make sure to include photos of the decor and details that made the day original and unique.

Please include the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding and the name of the venue. We like to publish original content only on Indian Spice, so let us know if the wedding has been published anywhere else, online or otherwise.

We consider all types of wedding inspiration for publication on Indian Spice, so if you have an engagement session, a rehearsal dinner a photoshoot or anything else you think will inspire and excite our readers please feel free to submit that too!

Submission Guidelines

Content: You are welcome to tell your story as you see fit. You might be interested in summarizing your entire “wedding story.” Or, perhaps you want to focus on your engagement, your planning process, or something that inspired you along the way. Or, you might want to tell the story of the role your parents played (or didn’t play); what you thought might happen; or how your life as been changed by choosing a public ceremony or taking a legal step together. Bottom line: we invite you to be creative and tell the story that is important to you.

The Grammar Police: We all make mistakes and you may find a few typos in the many articles on our site. We strive, however, to feature articles and stories which are well-written, thoughtfully executed and void of grammatical errors, typos, and poor spelling. Please value our time as much as we value your story and increase your odds of seeing your story published.

Don’t submit a draft of your story; submit a carefully crafted piece you have revised and edited. Please note that we reserve the right to edit any story you have submitted which we choose to feature (per our terms & conditions). Bottom line: We want to hear from you and ask you to be mindful of our preference for well written submissions.

Share your wedding story with us and feature on Indian Spice’s wedding section! Contact us here below

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