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Well-known Durban born actress Mishqah Parthiephal captured hearts playing the role of ‘Jodi Kandasamy’ in the box office smash hit ‘Keeping Up with the Kandasamys’ and soon you will be able to catch her as Priya in the much anticipated Netflix show, ‘The Indian Detective.’

The international television series has Parthiephal acting along side Canadian comedian Russell Peters and veteran Bollywood legend Anupam Kher. Mishqah is ecstatic to have played the role of Priya and privileged to have worked with both international and local talent.


Speaking on her role in the show,

“I play Priya Seghal, she’s a kind hearted lawyer, who is always willing to help people in need. Doug D’ Mello plays my love interest who helps me solve some crimes. It’s jammed packed with action and comedy! The TV series also stars William Shatner and Jailoshini Naidoo.”

Parthiephal’s love for acting was evident in her junior years at primary school, “ I absolutely loved performing in schools plays”.

Parthiephal has been seen in various television commercials and has also starred in the youth drama ‘Snake Park, one of her early breakthrough projects was playing ‘Noor Jehaan’ in the local historical drama ‘White Gold.’

Where does she draw inspiration from?

Mishqah credits Reese Whiterspoon, James Franco and Seth Rogen as her current acting inspiration, drawing from their strong performances within their recent works, “I can’t say that I admire one actor over the other, I look more at individual films or projects rather than each actors career as a whole. With each actor they have good performances or bad performances. That’s how I learn, by watching the good and the bad”.

Fun facts with Mishqah      

  1. Favorite food? Paneer Makhani and Butter Naan
  2. Favorite movie? The Deer Hunter, Superbad!
  3. Favorite holiday destination? I loved Croatia.
  4. Favorite song?  I don’t think I have any favorite song right now.
  5. Favorite drink? Tea! I think I probably drink about 4 to 5 cups a day.
  6. Favorite hobby? I love hiking, watersports. 
  7. First actor crush? Don’t think I’m crushing on anyone, but at this moment I’m really admiring Reese Whitherspoon’s work. 
  8. Favorite animal? Definitely a dog person. 
  9. Favorite television show? Game of Thrones!
  10. If you were not an actress you would be? I’d probably be a grade 2 teacher or a vet nurse. I love kids and animals. 

Russell Peters plays Doug D’Mello, a Toronto cop who unexpectedly finds himself investigating a murder in his parents’ homeland of India. The investigation leads Doug to uncover a dangerous conspiracy involving David Marlowe (William Shatner), a billionaire property developer, while dealing with his own ambivalence toward a country where, despite his heritage, he is an outsider.

The Indian Detective Airs worldwide on Netflix, December 15th. 

Watch the trailer below:

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