WWE: Jinder Mahal vs Triple H in Delhi

WWE headed off to the crown capital of India for the main event of their show in New Delhi, India where former WWE champion Jinder Mahal faced-off the legendary Triple H.

The King of Kings Triple H defeated former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at the IGI Stadium.  It was a night to remember for the Triple H fans in India, as he took down Jinder Mahal at the WWE event in New Delhi on Saturday.

Jinder Mahal was quite confident to defeat the WWE legend as he thought that since 1.3 billion Indian people are behind him, he had a great chance.

Thereafter, Jinder and the Singh Brothers asked Triple H to shake a leg on the ring. First the Singh Brothers showed the moves and then Jinder and Triple H set the stage on fire.

It was the perfect way to end the WWE event in India.

Varun Dhawan’s Fan moment with the Maharajah!

Other than many Indian fans at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Bollywood star Varun Dhawan was also present at the event. Dhawan tweeted pictures with WWE stars Sasha Banks and Jinder Mahal.

Amid all the build-up for the ‘The Biggest Match in India’s history’, the match started in favour of the Modern Day Maharaja. He picked up an early momentum into the bout, however, what he lacked was crowd support. India being his homeland, failed to stand by his side, and the crowd was more tilted towards the veteran Triple H. In fact, the Indian went a step further to entertain the crowd – he mimicked Triple H with his DX taunt.

Triple H took in much of the blows in the early part of the match. From the stunning knee to the Future 4, the Modern Day Maharaja used all his ammunition to gun down the 9-time WWE Champion, but the crowd still swung the HHH way. Probably that is what gave the veteran the confidence to bounce back each time Jinder went for the pinfall.

Finally, IGI stadium echoed to the loudest cheer when the King of Kings pedigree-ed the Maharaja. Two and a half and the Indian kicked out off the danger. The Singh Brothers, with their usual job, interfered in the match to keep Triple H at bay, but got beaten outside the ring.

In the end, as Jinder was preparing for his ultimate move – The Khallas, the crowd distracted the former champion and Triple H captivating on the opportunity, used his finishing move – the pedigree. One, two, three…and there was the crowd cheering for the winner. Triple H defeated the Modern Day Maharaja in front of his own crowd, that surprisingly didn’t stand by his side.

Here’s a look at some of the pictures from the event.

The Famous Triple H Water Splash

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Jinder Mahal’s Fabulous Entry

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Triple H Carries Out The Pedigree

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Jinder Mahal and Triple H Show Respect to Each Other

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

The Stars Gesture to the Crowd

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Triple H in His Element

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Kane Hits Strowman

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Strowman Fights Back

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

The Big Man Brings the Crowd Alive

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

Sasha Banks Up Against Alexa Bliss

(Photo: Jaivardhan Singh Channey)

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