#TheDailyRoti: Monday Shmunday your top reads for the day!

Monday Shmunday it’s finally over, here’s the top reads of the day you need to check out! 

We all have that one friend that can’t keep a secret and Bollywood has a rubber jaw in Jacqueline Fernandez. Maaaan can she not keep a secret!

This is what she said at the Lux Golden Rose Awards last night when asked about the Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma’s wedding. click here

Weddings: Do you have a wedding that was to die for? We want to share your wedding story with our readers! Check out our brand new wedding section! click here

Indian Politics: If you thought South African politics is hot well move over Zuma – Indian politicians really know how to stick it to each other. Former PM Manmohan Singh was on-point to respond to PM Narendra Modi’s accusations in a public letter. Singh was succinct in stating that Modi can’t lamely question his public service record. click here

LGBT: Talking to the LGBT community of Indian diaspora across the world! Gay Desi our lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender section has had a makeover!  Make this your first stop resource for support, current affairs, entertainment & lifestyle news. click here

Books: From offending society to hurting religious sentiments, several books, by acclaimed authors were banned in India after their release. While freedom of speech is hotly debated in India, authors have courted controversy simply because they had a voice. These controversial banned books should be on your reading list. click here 

Careers: Our brand new careers section is up and we’re hiring at Indian Spice! click here

Newsbreak Legends: Dr Rajendran Thangavelu Govender has become a household name in arts & culture, a champion for social cohesion and a firm believer in the spirit of Ubuntu. Newsbreak Lotus features him in this week’s #Legend‘s Series. Here’s the podcast have a listen!  

Bollywood Gupshup

  • A birthday tribute to Dilip Kumar on his 95th birthday. It is rather unfortunate that the world knows more of Marlon Brando than Dilip Kumar. click here
  • In pictures see how glamorous the actors of Bollywood looked at the Lux Golden Rose Awards last night. click here
  • This drug dealers arrest has Bollywood stars worried since he has been supplying them narcotics for years. click here
  • Here’s the complete list of winners & photos from the Lux Golden Rose Awards last night! click here
  • Actor, film-maker and father to a girl, Farhan Akhtar adds his voice to the fight against women violence & harassment. click here

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