Is there trouble between Sushant Singh Rajput and Sooraj Pancholi?

There is no doubting the fact that Salman Khan is like the godfather of Hate story 4 actor Sooraj Pancholi. He not only launched the actor with the film Hero but also leaves no opportunity to extend his support for the young actor. Hence when reports started claiming that Salman had fired Raabta actor Sushant Singh Rajput over the latter having an alleged tiff with Sooraj, it seemed pretty believable.

Rumors of Sooraj Pancholi having a problem with Sushant started with reports of Sushant misbehaving with Sooraj at a friend’s party. And hence followed another report where it was alleged that the discussion got so heated up that Sooraj’s mentor Salman Khan had to come in the picture and give Sushant a strict thrashing for him to apologise.

But in a recent statement, both the actors have completely rubbished the rumours and claimed that the two are close friends and often hang out together. A source close to the duo says, “The reports doing the rounds are completely baseless. Sushant & Sooraj are good friends and hang out a lot socially. In fact, they even met last week. Naysayers hinted at a possibility of a fight between the two but they laughed it off recently at a common friend’s birthday party and even posted a mock fighting image shutting down the rumours. These vicious lies are a figment of someone’s imagination and are far from being the truth”.

When contacted, Sooraj also trashed the rumour and said, “These rumours are completely ridiculous. Sushant and I are like brothers and in fact, we just hung out last week.”

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