29 Delicious Indian Thalis Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Indian food is famous worldwide, from curries and daals to chicken tikka masalaand vada pav, who doesn’t know Indian cuisine? But a lot of us may not be well versed with the diversity India actually boasts of in terms of authentic foods.

An assorted variety of food thalis from all the states of the Indian country. Yes, there are 29 thalis of authentic, appetizing food coming your way!

Disclaimer: You should run and get yourself a snack before reading this.

1. The banana leaf plate just somehow makes the food even more delicious!

Kerala thali

Cooked in coconut oil & starting with a serving of the sweet payasam, the thali is a perfectly balanced meal, with each and every dish reflecting the heritage and culture of the land.

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2. Meghalaya’s renowned bamboo shoot pickle is a must try for every foodie.


Varying with different tribes, the thali comprises of sticky rice, spicy meat and fish preparations, steamed foods like momos, vegetables, pickled bamboo shoots etc 

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3. Yes, your body does need some food between the Kings beer you’re downing! 


Comprising of seafood, rice, meat preparations, the spicy Goan cuisine also has vindaloo, coconut milk, rice, banana Halwa & fried kormolas, among other food items

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4. Momos and Thukpa = comfort food.


The state’s thali is a mix of steamed and fried goodness including dishes such as Dal bhat (boiled rice and lentil soup), Thukpa – the noodle based soup , momos, Phagshapa etc

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5. Those spices will surely give me an upset tummy for a week. But you know what, I’ll be smiling through the watery eyes and sniffling nose!

Arunachal Pradesh

Tomatoes, red chilli chutney, rice, meat dish, steamed organic vegetables and fermented products such as cheese and soy beans make the mouthwatering thali

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6. The flavourful vegetables are so fresh and healthy. Vegans approve! 


The delicious thali has meat dish, fish, fresh vegetables, aloo pitika, dal and saag

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7. The scrumptious dessert is a must for everyone with a sweet tooth. 

Seasoned with the spicy chili pepper, Manipuri thali consists of rice, fish, leafy vegetables, Tan Ngang (bread) and the irresistible dessert Chahao Kheer, which is made with black rice

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8. I was sold at kebab!


The state’s thali comprises of kebab, boti, chicken masala, sattu parantha, chokha (spicy mashed potatoes), fish curry & postaa-dana kaa halwaa

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9. They even have a solution for leftover rice, maybe if my mom saw this she won’t say “saara khana khatam hona chahiye, otherwise, you’ll be eating this for the next week!”


The state’s trademark thali comprises of delicacies such as rakhia badi, pethas, rice pakodas, bafauri, steamed rice, fara (crispy balls made with leftover cooked rice) 

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10. It’s even got a tiny lit candle, food for the soul and food for the senses too! 

Himachal Pradesh

The thali is loaded with hot and spicy lentils, vegetables, sidu, which is a kind of bread and meetha bhaat (sweet rice mixed with nuts)

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11. It’s got something for every flavour lover!

Tamil Nadu
An amalgamation of flavours ranging from spicy to sweet, the thali comprises of rasam, plain rice, curd, badam payasam, sambar, poriyal (curry), kootu etc 
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12. “No pain, no gain”. This one meal makes frequented bathroom visits for the next week worth it!

Andhra Pradesh
High on red chillies and spices, Andhra thali offers food which is simple yet packed with flavours, ranging from rasam, chutney, vada, rice and more 
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13. Dessert, what’s that!?

The state’s thali comprises of dishes that are sweet and tangy, namely methi na thepla, bhakhri, khatti mithi daal (sweet and sour lentil), aloo rasila, steamed rice, badshahi  etc  

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14. You always know how to make everything butter!

The thali is loaded with homemade white butter, delicacies as kachri ki sabji, , bajra/besan chapatti, homemade buttermilk, spicy curds, kadhi pakora etc

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15. The sound of Kahwah is already soothing my throat! 

Jammu and Kashmir
Rice dishes along with meat preparations such as rogan josh, yakhini, harissa etc form the delicious Kashmiri thali, accompanied with the favourite beverages – noon chai and kahwah

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16. The iconic Balushahi feels like food for my soul!

The state’s thali has mouth-watering dishes such as chhilka, dhuska, kurthi daal, red rice, lal saag, dehati chicken, dudh peetha, sattu ka parantha, ghugni, litti chokha, balushahi etc

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17. Bhopali paan though!

Madhya Pradesh
The delicious thali comprises of poha (rice flakes cooked with spices), roghan josh, saboodana , korma, seekh kebab, achari gosht etc; which is finished with the famous Bhopali paan

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18. This thali has even made steamed veggies look appetizing! 

The thali has steamed rice, bai made of steamed vegetables along with meat, spinach, bamboo shoot & herbs, koat pitha (deep fried fritters with rice flour and banana) & the delectable dish misa mash poora

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19. It has Aamras, Katrina Kaif would be proud!

The delicious typical thali has aamras, kosimbir, bhakri roti (millet flatbread), pitla (thick chickpea flour curry), amti (spicy & tangy toor lentil), mutton Kolhapuri, sabudana vada and desserts like kheer & basundi
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20. “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.”

The thali is simple, less spicy and oily, yet intricately flavoured. No Odia cuisine is complete without rice, fish, seafood and yogurt.
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21. The taste of rich coconut in each bite makes every fibre in me smile!


The thali comprises of healthy mix of rice, akki roti, dal, vegetables, rasam, sambar, vada, kosambari (salad), rava kesari (dessert) & high infusion of coconut

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22. Punjab aaye aur sarson da saag te makki di roti nahi khai, toh kya kiya!?


Famous for its rich, buttery flavours along with the extensive vegetarian and meat dishes, the thali comprises of sarson ka saag, makke ki roti, tandoori roti peeli dal, rice and various meat dishes

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23. Padharo mhare desh.


The elaborate thali comprises of dal baati churma, missi roti, gatte ki sabji, panchmela dal, laal maas, bajra roti, buttermilk and desserts like malpuas and halwa

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24. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”


Fried aubergines, Berma, which is a small, oil-pasted & dry fermented fish, tomato chutney, lentils, rice, muya (bamboo shoot), local fishes, vegetables, herbs, batema etc are staple part of the thali

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25. The sound of Keema dum is music to my ears.

 Uttar Pradesh
Comprising of both vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes, the thali has delectable varieties such as bharwan chicken pasanda, mutton kofta, aloo rasedaar, keema dum, naans & desserts as imarti, pedas & balushah
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26. Machher Jhol is one of the many delights of life.

West Bengal

Fish, vegetables, potol bhaja, torkari, doi maach, kebabs, rice, lentils, chor chori, sandesh etc. form the basic ingredients of Bengali thali 

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27. The perfect presentation itself is making me want to eat this thali!


Aaloo Daal Pakora, til ki chutney (made with coriander & sesame seeds), gahat ka shorba, kappa, phanu, jholi (curd & chick pea flour curry), meetha bhaat, chol roti, lesu and the dessert, roat make a delicious thali 

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28. The only thing I like more than talking about food is eating!


The basic thali comprises of vegetarian dishes such as bachali kura (spinach curry cooked in tamarind paste) and pachi pulusu (similar to rasam) & non-veg dishes consisting of chicken and mutton curries like ooru kodi pulusu and golichina gamsam.

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29. You only live once, don’t shy away from licking the bowl!


The Naga thali brims with vegetables, chillies and variety of meat and fish, which are often smoked, dried or fermented 

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I know now all you want to do is go on an Indian delicacies tour and don’t worry I’m right with you. Bon Appetite!?

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