Karan Johar pens emotional letter to his twins

With inspiring words, innovative ideas and soul-stirring stories being narrated on the stage, the Shah Rukh Khan hosted show, ‘Nayi Soch’ is on a path to transform lives.

SRK’s good friend Karan Johar will take the podium first to talk about relationships and being a single parent to his kids Roohi and Yash.

Shared a source,

“The filmmaker decided to use the platform of TED Talks India to write a letter to his kids and express his feelings to them. He also spoke about his decision and choice to initiate a family of his own as a single parent. Karan made the entire set quite emotional during his talk.”

While the world is moving towards progression, we still withhold our dreams wondering if the society will accept it or not. As the emotional father read out the letter, Karan advised his twins to live life to the fullest and never worry about someone else’s opinion.

He stated,

“We live in an industry full of stress and chaos, so living a healthy life and expecting less from our peers is very important. Life is a gift and we must live it to the fullest without thinking about ‘duniya kya kahegi’. It is necessary to be practical in life but there’s no harm in dreaming big. Because life is a big dream after all.”

He also spoke about the problems that his kids might face while growing up as he read out,

“As you grow up, people will try to label you according to colour, looks, religion, popularity and money. People will gossip about you, but know that no one can label you. Just because you are different, it doesn’t make you wrong. You may be treated differently in school; mothers of your classmates will come to drop them, but you will have your father to take care of that. While most of your classmates’ mothers will make a WhatsApp group to discuss your homework, I will be the only father in it.”

He concluded the letter by saying,

“It’s a blessing to become a father. You both make me want to be a better person.”

Karan’s talk left Shah Rukh speechless and teary-eyed, and he joined him on stage to give him a tight hug and told him how much Karan has made him proud.

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