Happy birthday Taimur!

He is definitely the biggest star in the Kapoor family now. Since the day Taimur Ali Khan was born, he has been the paparazzi’s favourite. The little one made headlines from the day he was born thanks to his controversial name. But this cutie won hearts the moments his pictures hit the internet.

The only person mommy Kareena doesn’t mind being in the shadows of, Taimur was born to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor on December 20, 2016 and from the moment he was born the camera fell in love with him and vis-a-versa. His first pictures came out when he was just a day old surrounded by family and how adorable he looked.

His next picture came out when he was just two months old and guess what? He broke the internet by just looking adorable. Ever since then Taimur has been on every tabloid, every website and every social media platform. Kareena and Saif cannot have a media interaction without the mention of the little star in the family, Taimur Ali Khan. More than Kareena, Taimur has been the talking point when it comes to airport spottings. He has been accompanying mommy to events and shoots and is forever happy to be welcomed by the media. More than star mom Kareena Kapoor Khan, it looks like the cameras wait for her baby Taimur to step outside. The paparazzi cannot get enough of Taimur and we can’t blame them. Recently, he was spotted leaving for Pataudi with his parents to celebrate his birthday.

Taimur is celebrating his first birthday in a nawabi style in Pataudi palace with his parents Saif and Kareena, aunt Karisma Kapoor, his cousins and grandmother Babita. Here is a video of the munchkin, Taimur from December 20th 2016 till December 20th 2017.

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