The top 10 SEX reads of 2017

We curated the most read sex stories on Indian Spice as rated by the readers, have a look at what got your attention and engines going!

If the words ‘tantric sex’ pops images of a wild mystical experience with some voodoo magic to with it or super-slow motion pleasure making that goes on hours, well that’s just the imagery that pop culture has ingrained in your mind!

What do gays/lesbians do in the bedroom? It is a conundrum to straight people. Sexually, the choices we make in bed are fluid and naturally attributed to the love shared emotionally with our partners.

Pink Handcuffs + Other BDSM Blunders of My Marriage The decision to attempt BDSM with my husband of 20 years was borne out of a thirst for knowledge rather than anything else.

Porn A Single Woman’s Pursuit of Pleasure

It took me a long time to muster the courage to watch a porn video. Unlike the guys I grew up around, the pursuit of pleasure continues to be coloured by a patina of embarrassment.

Choking the chicken masala

So what is it that South Africans looking for on Pornhub? Nationwide the search term “Indian” makes the top of the list, proving incredibly popular in the Kwazulu-Natal region. click here

Sex on the first date is no longer taboo but welcomed, according to 71% of South African women.

Being single sometimes is frustrating especially when you want to just fuckThere’s a point where you know you need that and just that – no morning after fuckery, no I love you etc etc. – you want to get in literally, cum and go. Some of you might say that’s just harsh and well it’s true – I want to have great sex and then go back to work or home feeling spent.

Cut to a room full of widows, proclaiming their most intimate fantasies, narrating tales of their wedding night or simply telling sensual stories they’ve fashioned from their imagination. Then came the handy tip about the use of butter ghee in the bedroom.

“The Muslimah Sex Manual: A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex”, is probably the first book of its kind. Fearing backlash, the author has decided to remain anonymous and wrote under an alias.

Love is not about finding the right person but love is what happens when you reach a place in life when you’re ready to commit to someone.

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