DUC talks to Mr Vikesh Surju Omunye Maharaj

DUC talks to Mr Vikesh Surju Omunye Maharaj

Vikesh Surju Maharaj basically took over the SA Indian facebook with his sick moves to Distruction Boyz’ track Omunye.

If you have haven’t seen it yet, where have you been all this time and what’s wrong with you? 

Highlights of the interview

  • He is an IT technician basically a nerd. 
  • He was 5 double shots down and then the Omunye track took over his soul.
  • Vikesh is still single after the video went viral.
  • He is looking for marriage proposals.

Just for all of you who want to get to Know Mr Omunye Vikesh Surju Maharaj a bit better…

Watch his Omunye moves in this video below

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