Avoid the weight pile-on this festive season!

“No weekly Chisa Nyamas for me this Festive Season! I will chesa the fat and look fab. I am going to own the dance floor, be the talk of the family during the festivities of the season and be the trendsetter. I am doing things differently this time, I am making healthier choices and following a weight plan over the festive season, and it’s going to be great.” 

This statement may seem far-fetched because the festive season is all about relaxation, celebration, and overindulgence. All the events and celebrations involve food. You relax with a bottle of bubbly, you celebrate over a double cheese pizza and overindulge at a Chisa Nyama. And, of course, the unspoken rule is that you don’t visit a Chisa Nyama looking average, you dress the part – you walk the walk and talk the talk. 

There is a lot of pressure on us to look good in December. Pressure to be seen at the right places and we all want to set the bar higher than the next person. Well, whether you are at a picnic or a Chisa Nyama this December, you can enjoy your Butterscotch Shake or Summer Berry Drink from your Cambridge Weight Plan.

Being on a diet or a weight plan during the festive season can be anything but fun. You cannot even mention the word weight before people start to judge. And yet, it’s the best Christmas gift for your body, health, and pocket. We live in an age of diseases that are mainly caused by poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol abuse, a poor diet, lack of physical activity and obesity.

Governments across the globe are making inroads in promoting healthy lifestyle choices, increasing activities levels, and mindset shifts. Healthy eating has become the latest phenomena in South Africa, but it is easier said than done. How do you go about choosing a healthy eating plan and how do you know what will work for you when ‘healthy eating’ has not been defined? You need a partner in your weight loss journey that will help you break your unhealthy habits for good and teach you to achieve lifelong health.

Daisy Moremi from the Cambridge Weight Plan says, “If you would like to become healthy, you need a weight plan that contains all the nutrients you need with the lowest amount of calories. This way, you will have plenty of energy, and your body will feel satisfied and healthy. Low-calorie eating plans will give you enriched sustenance and aid you on your journey to achieve a healthy body weight.”

Hippocrates said that ‘A wise man must realise that health is his most valuable possession’ and one way to do this is by investing in your health through making healthier choices.’

So, how can you make healthier choices this December? Well for one, avoid those weekly Chisa Nyamas. And if they are unavoidable, make sure you take healthy snacks and food along. You can also limit your alcohol intake to ensure you don’t pack on unnecessary pounds. Lots of water and exercise should also be on your list of to-dos. And last, but certainly not least, start an eating plan or weight loss plan to reach your weight loss goals and start living the life you deserve to live. 

Cambridge Weight Plan believes in real people, real support, and real results. They have been successfully helping people lose weight and keep it off for more than 30 years.

They offer a range of weight loss programmes, which are flexible enough to fit in with your lifestyle, along with the one-to-one support of your very own Cambridge Weight Plan consultant. Many of the Cambridge Weight Plan consultants have also lost weight on the plan, so they know exactly what you are going through. 

Cambridge Weight Plan Centre in Parktown North is now operational, and clients are invited to book an appointment for a free assessment. More centres to follow in Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Interested parties can go to http://www.cambridgeweightplan.co.za for more information.

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