How much privacy do you need in a relationship?

The secret life of cell phones, there are privacy policies on just about everything.

From banking sites to social media, there’s always some fine print, there should be one drawn up for relationships too.

I’m curious to know how much privacy do you need in a relationship and what are you going to do with all that privacy? The real truth is this thing we call privacy should more accurately be called a secret life.

Phones, laptops and tablets have become relationship wreckers leaving a trail of lies, cheating and betrayal. It’s been a few years since I discovered the ultimate betrayal. Long conversations, pictures exchanged and words that will haunt forever.

It changes you, destroys self-confidence and makes you turn on yourself; it is the same lesson will repeat if I don’t remember it well.

In some ways the same lesson has & I’m often reminded of it. There are so many people hurting over this; their lives are ruined and hearts broken…was it worth it?

I’m not sure which was worse the betrayal or the cover up. One lie leading to another, the agony as the cover up crashed and that moment when you know. There is no story, there is no excuse and it wasn’t someone else’s messages. I’ve been made to feel there are at least 100 other options to being with me. I’ve felt disposable and worthless.

Don’t say you’re sorry because I’m not. Don’t apologize.

I took the blinkers off a long time ago and it’s been an amazing journey. The truth about my life and yours is the answers we’ve searched for are on a device somewhere! They’re stored on a faraway cloud or should I say thundercloud.

Be wary of the ones who hide their phones and are possessive over it. What are they hiding, what are they guarding? The eyes used to be called the windows of the soul however now cell phones are the windows.

Show me your cell phone and you’ll show me just who you are.

Yudhika Sujanani

Gorgeous celebrity chef, author and personality Yudhika is best-known for her designer heels and signature curry dishes but this “Curry Queen of Bling” is not exclusively focused on Indian cuisine. Read more here

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