Kolkata’s 16th Pride Walk just happened!

Amid the gloomy blanket of clouds that engulf the Kolkata skies, the people of the City of Joy filled the streets with colours of the rainbow, which shone brighter than the sun. It’s December and the month where Kolkata celebrates the true colours of the rainbow by participating in the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk.

Held every year since 1999, KRPW is the oldest in South Asia. Yup, that’s right. It was the first ever march in India and continues its tradition with the seven colours of solidarity.

This was the 16th edition of the pride walk and scores of people, from the LGBTQIA community and their families and friends, walked it from Deshapriya Park to Park Circus Maidan, amid pomp and fervour.

1. The 40m long rainbow flag was the prettiest sight that filled the streets.

2. And, of course, the people who spread happiness and cheers with their presence.

3. Throughout the walk, they performed and sang and it was a festival in its truest sense.

4. From quirky placards to minion love, it was all to be seen there.

5. How gorgeous does it look?!

6. You have all our support.

7. Thoughtful and thought-provoking.

8. Draping the seven hues, each in their own way expressed their identities.

9. And, clicked loads of selfies.

10. Spread ’em wings <3

11. Woah! That’s some quirked up placard. Love it!

12. Excitement was infectious and we cherish that.

13. Rainbow saree was lit AF!

14. And it will win.

15. Hell, yeah! Everything, everyone, every orientation is OKAY!

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