Rajini Confirms His Political Entry

Rajinikanth announced he will enter politics independently, with his own political party. The superstar has been meeting fans all week and has been teasing his entry into politics since the 90s.

“Right Successor to MGR” MGR is a 3 syllable name, so is Rajini. He is destined to change Tamil politics.

Rajini’s Political Arrival Welcome: Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan congratulated his friend Rajinikanth for his entry into politics and for his social consciousness, saying it was a welcome move.


  • Rajinikanth to contest elections independently, with his own party
  • The superstar will contest in all 234 constituencies in the next state election
  • However, a formal announcement of the party is yet to be made
  • He said it was time to bring a non-prejudiced, casteless government
  • He called his fans the “protectors of democracy”
  • Rajini met fans throughout the week leading up to the announcement

Rajini to Announce New Party’s Name before Pongal, 14 January

CNN News 18, quoting sources, reported that Rajinikanth would announce his new party’s name on or before 14 January, 2018.

Fans Ready to Be Foot Soldiers

Rajinikanth’s fans are ready to be his foot soldiers to spread his message and help win the next state election and fulfil the promises he made.

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