Snake & black magic ritual for husband’s death

A female teacher who sought help from Reaction Unit South Africa in recovering R450 000 has become a suspect in a case that is under investigation.

The woman & her 18 month old baby who reside in Durban arrived at the RUSA Offices on Sunday morning seeking assistance after she was scammed out of the cash over the past month. The Indian female explained to Officers that she had responded to an advert on Gumtree Ads after she and her husband who is a doctor had separated.

She explained that she lost her home in an estate, her vehicle and a luxury lifestyle & was now living in an outbuilding. She then approached a Nigerian herbalist who together with a second accomplice had scammed her out of the cash. She further informed Reaction Officers that she arrived at a provided address at Yardgreen Close – Phoenix & was asked to hand over the money. The men promised to reunite her with her estranged husband within days. She claimed that her husband had not seen or supported their baby girl for months & out of desperation had agreed to meet the herbalist.

She went on to explain that the herbalists who were armed with weapons initially asked for R200 & days later requested to know her husbands age (36) and her age (33) and then worked out a figure amounting to R118 000. The woman paid the money & according to her the men requested a total of R450 000 to remove a spell cast on her that would result in the death of her child.

She then took a loan & paid the money. The men claimed that the money was going to be given back to her after a prayer was conducted. During the prayer the woman said that a black mamba was used and the huge snake was then placed in a white bucket. The money was wrapped in newspaper and handed back to her. She returned home & found that the money in her possession was photostat copies (picture 9)of a R100 note. The men then contacted her requesting a further R140 000 for a prayer. The woman then contacted RUSA.

Reaction Officers proceeded to Yardgreen Place and kept observation over the building. After a while Officers noticed one suspect entering the property in a gold Toyota Corolla.

When Reaction Officers entered the room the suspect could not be located. He was found exiting a window that he broke in a haste to leave the building (picture 4) through an adjoining room. A foot chase ensued & he was apprehended. It was later discovered that the room had a dry wall installed with a goat skin covering a huge hole in the wall that led to another room (picture 6 & 7). This was used to swop monies & for the assistant to speak through and create a echoing voice that would be the ancestors speaking during a ritual.

During an interview the suspect informed Officers that he was not a Nigerian but a Ugandan National living in Stellenbosch – Cape Town & that he was in South Africa for 10 years & worked at a chicken outlet before being offered a job as an assistant with a herbalist that claimed to have special powers.

The man then informed Reaction Officers that he had not scammed the woman & that she had approached him to have her husband killed before the divorce was finalized.

He explained that the woman became angry that her husband did not collapse & die in court as promised, she then claimed her money back.

The assistant confirmed that a black mamba was used in the ritual & that the woman never requested her husband to be reunited with her that she demanded he be killed as agreed. The man said that he could provide evidence to support his story as the woman had provided a picture of her husband, contact details, residential details & a note written by her requesting the death of her partner.

The herbalist room was searched & several eggs (picture 3) were found with names on them. According to the herbalist assistant, when the eggs cracked then the person whose name was written on the shell will then die.

The matter has been handed over to authorities for gathering of evidence & further investigation.

Arrests are imminent.

Source: RUSA

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