The ANC Report Card by the Democratic Alliance

The following statement was delivered today by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane, at a press briefing at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where the DA’s 2017 Government Report Card was presented.

Today we are here outside the Union Buildings – the seat of national government – to present the DA’s 2017 Government Report Card, an appraisal of the ANC national government’s performance over the past year.

2017 will go down in history as one of the most disconcerting years in our young democracy, as the ANC-led national government stooped to new lows in their abuse of power, excessive looting, and shameless execution of state capture without a hint of restraint. With ever-increasing unemployment, half of South Africans living in poverty, a social grants crisis, a 12th cabinet reshuffle, the horrifying Esidimeni tragedy, and the downgrading of our economy to “junk status”, the ANC has collapsed our country and its economy.

This was compounded by the emergence of the now infamous “Gupta Leaks”, providing solid evidence of the ANC’s mafia shadow state, created to serve their interests, and to accumulate huge amounts of wealth for themselves. The promise of true freedom is undermined by the ANC at every juncture, and if there was any doubt that the ANC was unfit to lead our country, 2017 showed us that.

Despite this grim picture of our nation, there is still hope. The ANC has approximately 18 months left in office before the 2019 elections. Our nation desperately needs a new beginning and that new beginning will come in 2019, when the voters of South Africa reject the ANC at the polls and elect a DA-led coalition government.

The ANC cannot self-correct, and is past the point of no return. The solution to our shared future lies in a new coalition government that will serve the people and create opportunity for all.  Our new beginning lies in a post-ANC country.

However, until then, the DA as the Official Opposition in Parliament has a Constitutional duty to hold the Executive to account and to provide oversight – which includes ongoing assessment of its performance or the lack thereof. This is required by Section 92(2) of the Constitution which states that “Members of Cabinet are accountable collectively and individually to Parliament for the exercise of their powers and the performance of their functions.”

Our Government Report Card serves this function by providing a critical overview of the performance of the President, Deputy President, and all 35 Ministers and their respective departments. This is done using the following criteria:

On the basis of this assessment, the President, Deputy President, and each Cabinet Minister and their department are scored on a scale for “A” to “F”. An “A” is the highest score achievable, with an “F” being the lowest.

This year the scores are as follows:

 A  0
 B  0
 C  2
 D  5
 E  12
 F  18


President: Jacob Zuma (F)

After the ANC suffered the loss of three metros in 2016, a result that followed the President’s sustained assault on the country’s democratic institutions, one would imagine that 2017 would be a year of introspection and self-correction for Jacob Zuma. But, the opposite was true.

Jacob Zuma upped the ante on his “State Capture” Project, relentlessly pursuing riches for himself and his inner circle at SA’s expense. The emergence of the “Gupta Leaks” provided another headache – adding to his endless court battles to keep himself out of jail, and his plan to ensure Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma succeeds him as President of the ANC.

After a decade of wasting public funds on his legal battles, he conceded that the NPA’s decision to drop 783 counts of fraud and corruption charges against him was “irrational”. He must now face these charges.

The President survived his eighth Motion of No Confidence in Parliament following his decision to fire Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan – thanks to the loyal support of the ANC. Even with the protection of a secret ballot, the ANC consciously and deliberately chose Jacob Zuma over the country, showing us their true colours.

Undoubtedly, the President’s greatest failure this year has been the crushing of our economy, culminating in a technical recession and a sovereign credit rating downgrade to “junk status”. Under Zuma’s ANC, 9.4 million South Africans are unemployed, 52% live in poverty, and 17 million rely on inadequate social grants for survival.

President Zuma has failed dismally, and as such scores an “F”, the lowest possible grade.

If 2017 showed us one thing, it is that in the eyes of the ANC, Jacob Zuma can do no wrong. The party will support him through thick and thin, ignoring constitutional violations, theft, and country-wide State Capture. Because Jacob Zuma and the ANC are the same – neither of which are fit for office.

Deputy President: Cyril Ramaphosa (E)

Since becoming Jacob Zuma’s “number 2” in 2014, Cyril Ramaphosa has been at best a silent Deputy President, and at worst a complicit one. Instead of fighting corruption and State Capture, Ramaphosa spent most of 2017 on the campaign trail in his bid to be elected President of the ANC – showing that he cares only for his own fortunes, and not SA’s.

Even after the emergence of the “Gupta Leaks”, Ramaphosa took not a single step or action against any government corruption whatsoever. It has been all talk and no action. Even after he received the DA’s petition, signed by over one million South Africans, calling for Zuma to be voted out in the August 2017 Motion of No Confidence – he remained silent and kept Zuma in power.

State Owned Entities (SOEs) have emerged as hotbeds of capture and corruption, as Gupta and Zuma appointees ensured multibillion rand government contracts were given to their friends. As Chairperson of the Inter-ministerial Committee on State-Owned Entities, Ramaphosa has sat on his hands amid the looting.

As the Leader of Government Business, Ramaphosa failed to engage with Opposition Party Leaders in good faith. Under his watch, the Executive has been allowed to treat Parliament as its own circus. The President and his Cabinet ministers, under Ramaphosa’s guidance, have shown nothing but disdain for Parliament.

2017 also marked the fifth anniversary of the Marikana Massacre. Ramaphosa has not apologised, visited the area, or met with the widows and survivors. Despite being one of the wealthiest people in SA, he hasn’t given a cent to the victims of Marikana.

This is the mark of an uncaring, detached individual who is unfit to be Deputy President, never mind President. Ramaphosa thus scores an “E”.

Deputy President Ramaphosa has not had the courage to stand up to his keeper. He cares more about his own ambitions, and despite his empty talk on tackling corruption, he has shown he is either unwilling, or unable to take any action. The fact that Cyril Ramaphosa is paraded as the man who can “save” and “reform” the ANC shows just how far the ANC has degenerated. It cannot self-correct, and it cannot be trusted with the future of our nation.

The ANC is dead, and Ramaphosa helped to kill it.

Social Development: Bathabile Dlamini (F)

Public Enterprises: Lynne Brown (F)

Mineral Resources: Mosebenzi Zwane (F)

Energy: David Mahlobo (F)

Basic Education: Angie Motshekga (F)

Higher Education & Training: Hlengiwe Mkhize (F)

Finance: Malusi Gigaba (E)

Police: Fikile Mbalula (E)

Water & Sanitation: Nomvula Mokonyane (F)

International Relations & Cooperation: Maite Nkoana-Mashabane (E)

State Security: Bongani Bongo (E)

Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs: Des Van Rooyen (E)

Human Settlements: Lindiwe Sisulu (D)

Health: Aaron Motsoaledi (F)

Communications: Mmamoloko Kubayi (F)

Transport: Joe Maswanganyi (E)

Scores for the remainder of Government Departments are as follows:


President Zuma and his ANC government do not have what it takes to create a better life for all South Africans, and move our nation forward. The ANC of Zuma continues to undermine the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the people of South Africa, with only the DA showing what a service delivery and people-orientated government looks and feels like.

The ANC has less than two years left in national government. While this will negatively affect all South Africans, there is hope. The DA will work around the clock to ensure that they held accountable and that the people of South Africa are always put ahead of the narrow political agenda of the ANC.

We will continue to model coalition governments in cities across the country, showing South Africans that there is another choice at the ballot box come 2019. We can remove the corrupt ANC and replace it with a coalition government focused on the people, not their own pockets and paycheques.

Source: Democratic Alliance