Ten reasons why crushing on Madhavan will never get old

Madhavan has managed and continues to do a lot of things with his time in the limelight. I mean apart from his chameleon-like versatility that bounces to life on screen, Maddy, off it, is quite the charmer! Be it his let-me-drown-in-them eyes or if-weapons-weren’t-enough smile, Madhavan is a head-to-toe delight! 

But did I ever tell you that Madhavan is just as good-looking from within like he is from outside? Did I ever tell you that Madhavan is actually one the few people in the industry who is not disillusioned by power/money/fame and instead has a heart of gold?

If I haven’t, you’re in for a surprise…because here I am and I have a lot to say. So, come join us in revelling the wonder that is R. Madhavan! 10 reasons why crushing on him will never get old…

1. To be completely honest and ridiculously biased, Madhavan is God’s way of saying…’I’m an artist.’

You get the drift right? And how can you offend God but not admiring his near-to-perfection creation?!

2. Mostly because he is capable of transformations like these! 

‘What sorcery is this?’ Amirite?!

3. Coming from television, he is the hope millions of dreamers breathe, before setting foot to make a career in showbiz.

Image Source

Yes, you heard that right. We owe a lot to shows like ‘Banegi Apni Baat’, ‘Saaya’ and ‘Ghar Jamai’!


4. He is a nature-lover and prefers to grow his own veggies, organically! 

No wonder he looks like he does. Also, the thought of Maddy sweating it out in his yard/garden is giving me the butterflies!

5. He is a darling husband…

Image Source

..who knows how to treat his lady!

Adorable aren’t they?

6. He is a doting dad who knows exactly what to say! 

Can you adopt me, Maddy? Please?

7. He is a motor-head and how!

What? Just because I’m a girl I can’t like (love) bikes (beauties)?

8. He is also bestest co-star to work with…

Of course, he knows how to compliment a lady! 

9. Also, because he is also a biggggggggggggggg Kal Penn fan! Same pinch, Maddy!


Hey, who isn’t!?

10. But mostly because he is the sweetest with fans, even the creepy ones (including yours truly) who bombard him with awkward and embarrassing compliments!  


See? See? Ahhhhhh..siiiighhh *faints again*

Thank you for existing Maddy! THANK YOU…

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