Read Nayanthara’s heartfelt letter to her fans

Actor Nayanthara is currently at the peak of her career. In 2017, she starred in two films and both became blockbusters. Her latest film Velaikkaran released recently and is doing well at the box office. But, the highlight of her career in the year just gone by, was Aramm.

Now, Nayanthara has written a letter to her fans, thanking them for the love and support and making Aramm a big success. “For all the love and support you have shown towards me, all I can do is work harder and be responsible to not only give you entertaining movies but also responsible films like Aramm,” she said in a handwritten letter.

“This has been a wonderful year with full of love and positivity. thank you all for making it possible for me again and again,” he added.

Director Gopi Nainar said he had to face a lot of struggle to make Aramm as many producers turned him down because they thought this film was not “commercially viable.” It was only after Nayanthara agreed to play the lead role, he managed to raise the required fund to bring his vision on the big screens.

After a brief sabbatical, Nayanthara made a comeback in 2013 with Raja Rani. And she has been at top of her game ever since. When Nayanthara first made her debut in Tamil with 2005 film Ayya, she was not expected to survive in the industry for such a long period.

Nayanthara not just survived in the industry, but she also exceeded all the expectations. Now, she commands a significant fan following like her male counterparts. So much so that she is dubbed as the ‘Lady Superstar’ by the industry insiders, a reputation difficult to earn for female players in a male-dominated field.

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