Superstar Rajini launches app and website

Rajinikanth plays an ageing don in his new film

rajini mandramA day after announcing his political journey, superstar Rajinikanth has launched a website and a smartphone application,

This is where his fans and anybody who wants to support him can register themselves with his organisation that will be turned into a political party in the near future.

Not just that, Rajinikanth has also reportedly formed teams to collect the details of pressing issues across the state and also flesh out the possible solutions to them. After keeping his fans and the political world on the edge for more than two decades, Rajinikanth is showing a significant level of aggressiveness and speed in pursuing his political aspirations.

Rajinikanth, who had successfully avoided politics in spite of many temptations since 1996, took the plunge due to the power vacuum in the state. The political situation has been volatile and the power struggle within the fractions of AIADMK following the death of Jayalalitha pushed him over the edge. On December 31, 2017, the politics returned to Poes Garden. For decades, Poes Garden had been the epicenter of Tamil Nadu politics as that’s where Jayalalitha lived.

The assembly elections in Tamil Nadu is due in 2021, which Rajinikanth said his party will be contesting from all seats. However, he did not rule out the possibility of fighting the Parliamentary elections, which are due in 2019. He said he will be taking that decision at an appropriate time.

Given that Rajinikanth has roots in Karnataka, many political observers are of the opinion that some political party may enlist his services in the election campaigns. Well, they are just speculations as yet and it also feels too soon for Rajinikanth to be influencing the elections of the neighbouring state.


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The volatile political situation in Tamil Nadu and the upcoming elections in the country are about to keep Rajinikanth on his toes. So all the possibilities suggest that in 2018 the curtains may come down on his acting career for good.

Earlier addressing his fans at his meet-and-greet event, Rajinikanth said he will have two film releases this year (Which is a first in many years). “2.0 will release on April 14. Kaala will hit the screens two months later,” he said. “Only God knows what’s next for me after that.”

For now, Kaala seems to be Rajinikanth’s final act that may end his glorious 43-year-long reign in Indian cinema.

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