Aishwarya Rai pays tribute to Lata Mangeshkar in ‘Fanney Khan’

Like most Indians, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been a Lata Mangeshkar fan for most of her life. It is with much pride and pleasure that she plays a singer and huge fan of the Goddess of all melodious things in Atul Manjrekar’s Fanney Khan.

While Aishwarya  is not allowed to talk about the role, a source close to the actress revealed:

She plays a popular singer in the film and a fan of Lataji. You can’t escape the Nightingale’s influence if you’re playing a singer. 

The source also says that producer Prernaa Arora is trying to acquire the rights for a few of the Lata Mangeshkar’s most famous melodies.

Aishwarya will sing original  tracks as well as Lataji’s numbers in Fanney Khan. That isn’t the  film’s only connection with Lataji. In the film, Anil Kapoor’s daughter, who plays an aspiring singer, is named Lata.

When asked how she felt about Aishwarya leaning toward Lataji as her role model in Fanney Khan, the Nightingale remarked:

It is good to hear that she is fond of my singing. Aishwarya is so beautiful and she does full justice to my songs. I think I sang for her for the first time in Mohabbatein. The number ‘Humko humhi se chura lo’ was a big hit. It’s a beautiful melody and Aishwarya looked lovely lip-syncing it on screen. – Lata Mangeshkar, Singer

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