#TheDailyRoti: Calm your farm it’s the end of Monday!

This is officially the start of the working year, kids are scrambling as fast as they can to cover up their stationery as quick as their parents can spend their cash to stock up on school goodies.

News never sleeps especially with indian lifestyle stories today here’s the top reads of the day!

Lotus FM celebrates 35 years of broadcasting today. Here’s taking you back to some of their pagli moments, scandals & sensational webqoof moments that plague the station.

Radio personality Sanobar Khan who is a familiar voice on the airwaves of Lotus FM recently married the nawab of her life Sajjaad Khan and she made a gorgeous bride

Sanobar Khan
A shot of Khan in?New Delhi ? @ronythakur ? @parambanana

Anushka Sharma welcomed back on set with flowers and love. Sharma is working on the SRK starrer Zero set to release December 21. Read more here

Kailash Kher heads for legal battle after learning from his team on Sunday morning that his hit song #AdiYogi has been lifted to create a song for another prestigious event.

India’s court rejects request to re-open Mahatma Gandhi assassination case.

Celebrated in India, South Africa & Sri Lanka, Thai Pongal is a much celebrated harvest fest that occurs between January 13th to January 17th. Here’s what you need to know. 

On his 83rd birth anniversary (8 January), let’s celebrate the legendary Elvis Presley with some of his greatest hits and his influence on Shammi Kapoor!

Devi Sankaree-Govender has been tantalizing our tastebuds with her home-made meals here’s a peek into whats cooking with Devi. Get hungry with her foodgrams here

#LGBT India’s Supreme Court will revisit its earlier verdict on Section 377 of the IPC which criminalized homosexuality. Read more here

#Gastronomy: Kerala is known as the “Land of Spices”. Like the unique cultural and natural heritage of the state, the cuisines of Kerala are also unique and special. Try this Kerala Chicken curry recipe at home.

Monday cuteness alert! Watch this little toddler rock out a few moves in his diapers to #Omunye!

The listeria outbreak is alive and kicking make sure you know the facts