Ravi Govender in bid to return to Lotus FM

Former Lotus FM presenter, Ravi Govender found himself in the eye of a politically-fueled storm following his comments on social media against the South African President.

Govender hosted the popular ‘Vinyl Countdown’ show on Fridays from 19:00 to 21:00, according to the Lotus FM website, the slot is now anchored by Enrico Pillay.

The public broadcaster terminated the contract of Lotus FM radio presenter, Ravi Govender after he called President Jacob Zuma a “zombie” in a social media post. 

His contract termination did not follow due process but went on the accord of influence of the Zuma allies and his son Edward Zuma.

Soon after the news broke that the popular radio station DJ had been given the marching orders, DA shadow Minister of Communications, Phumzile Van Damme took to Twitter.

‘Not this again. The SABC has been doing well. Pressure from the Zuma family, and it all falls apart. Tomorrow morning we deal with this.’

Lotus FM has become the biggest loser in percentage terms based on the recent RAMs. There has been no shortage of press coverage detailing the station’s many travails: Motsoeneng’s local content policy certainly dealt the station a body blow, there have been high profile departures, stories of management and staff warfare, and lurid tales corruption and sexual favours traded for positions.

Support grows for Ravi Govender on social media

A Facebook group, Bring Ravi Govender Back on air has been rolling with support for the former Lotus FM jock.

Messages of support from his listeners have been incoming from various parts of the world. Visit the Fan Page here

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Edward Zuma vows to keep Ravi Govender off-air

In a print edition of the Durban newspaper, ‘Daily News‘ Edward Zuma vowed to challenge any attempt that would bring Govender back on-air.

Edward Zuma on Tuesday said he wanted a public apology from Govender.

“If the SABC happens to give in to pressure, I’ll challenge any decision to bring this man back on air in court. I’m not looking at any financial gain from him. All I need is a public apology to the president as he insulted him in public. I’m still pursuing that angle and I’ll do so to the bitter end,” Zuma said.

Edward Zuma decided to make his statement public following calls and messages from family members, relatives, friends and ordinary members of society in reaction to the social media post by Lotus fm presenter and columnist Ravi Govender.

We are horrified to say the least. Over the past years, as the family, we have endured humiliation that cannot be described as result of many insults from radio presenters, journalists, columnists, cartoonists who at times produces pornographic material aimed at tarnishing the image of my father and the president of the ANC and the Republic of South Africa J.G Zuma.

Ravi Govender retracted his statement on social media with an apology.

Govender was given an opportunity to justify why he should not be fired in the AM and by the afternoon he was issued a letter from SABC confirming his termination of services to the broadcaster.

Govender lambasted the President as he spoke at the opening of the ANC National Policy Conference in poor diction.

“I posted what I posted on Facebook out of anger. I should have known better. He sounded [while delivering his speech] dead to me, no feelings, no punctuation at all,” Govender had said.

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