India’s unscrupulous film distributors will collapse the market in SA

South Africa’s of Indian community have in the recent years swelled in support when it came to North & South Indian entertainment scene.

Gone are the days of just settling for a Bollywood or Hollywood movie in cinemas, Kavin Media has been central to the movement of filling up movie theaters bringing some of the best South Indian movies to the country.

The footprint of star-driven big-budget Tamil films have emerged as viable content and the demand from the South African Indian community is growing. The introduction of South Indian movies to the big-screen has ended the domination of Bollywood and Hollywood films, with even Telugu films finding mass appeal across the country.

However the market is controlled by  stiff competition among buyers and this is due to some undesirable Indian distributors who will navigate amongst the buyers selling to the highest bid.

The prices of star-driven Tamil films have gone through the roof and this will ultimately collapse the thriving market in South Africa.

It is every Kollywood distributors right to seek the most profitable deal from South African film distributors BUT its the lack of transparency amongst fellow colleagues in the country that will inflate ticket sales for the patrons. 

The presence of  these dubious Kollywood rights distributors have impacted the delivery of South Indian films to the continent especially to South Africa.

With this occurring there is a chain-reaction of events that impact future commitment from movie houses who are not willing to allocate cinemas for South Indian movies to distributors. A united front is required to quash the hesitation from the movie houses to allocate theaters.

The rules need to change  in a positive direction, film distributors (North & South) and movie houses need to start working together in South Africa to protect the lucrative industry of Indian entertainment.

This is the only way to eradicate being defrauded by the film rights owners in India. When there is united front and honest communication amongst those in the entertainment business in SA this can only yield better results from bringing big-ticket movies.

This will encourage confidence in theaters take the Indian entertainment scene seriously – in turn create a thriving environment – for all distributors to benefit positively.


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