Maya’s journey of gratitude is a story of not giving up

This past week, my open letter to the matric class of 2017 was published in the Pietermaritzburg-based The Witness newspaper in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

I’m a former SABC radio journalist and spent over 15 years on air. So, to see my name in print probably should not have been something extraordinary. But, it was. I have been featured in print stories previously.  But, never has it been for my own story, for a piece I had penned.  This time it was. I am still so excited. Above all, I am grateful.

So yes, this isn’t one of my conventional blog posts, it’s a gratitude post.


I’m thankful for everyone – family, friends, colleagues and strangers –  who have stopped by my blog, taken the time to read my posts, comment, criticise, share and show support. My readers are the biggest part of my journey.

I joined the SA Bloggers Network group on Facebook. It’s such a lovely community of bloggers who are always helping and motivating each other. And the varied content makes for great reading.

I will admit that I’m not an expert at blogging. I haven’t focused much on how my blog looks, plug ins or making money from blogging. All I wanted to do was write. My topics are quite serious. The journalist in me is a journalist forever. I have a calling and duty, propelled by my conscience. And so I write about what matters to me and society at large, with a few light-hearted posts along the way. It’s all about how I’m feeling at a specific time.

I feel very strongly about matric results and so I wrote this open letter.

I was happy with the response on my blog and shared it on Facebook and Twitter too. A few days later, I starting thinking about my next post. But my friend insisted I try to get my post on matric results published. She went to the extent of giving me names of newspapers and was adamant that I should not sit back. I took her seriously, not only because she is a journalist and a dear friend, but more so, because she is the mother of an amazing young girl who completed matric in 2017. My open letter really spoke to her and fellow mothers who had walked that journey with their children. And she wanted more matric learners and their parents to read it.

So, I emailed a few newspapers, offering the open letter to be published for free. Yes, my conscience again. The Witness was the only newspaper that replied. And, I’m ever so grateful.

It’s motivated me to keep writing, keep trying and keep knocking on doors.

Of course, I will keep sharing my journey with you!

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