Sorbet nails result
Natalia's rotting nails after her treatment at Sorbet.

Sorbet nail treatment goes horribly wrong

A recent social media post by a former VIP client of Sorbet has gone viral after her nail treatment led to a horrible infection that ate away at nails. 

The client, Natalia Victoria Jofré appealed for assistance from Sorbet Group to respond to her complaint but to her surprise she found that her social media post on their Fan page was deleted by the company.

Here’s Natalia’s story that has gained similar responses from former clients of the grooming company, Sorbet.

Sorbet nails result
Natalia’s rotting nails after her treatment at Sorbet.

So… 2 days ago I posted about a nail infection that I picked up from a Sorbet salon, onto the Sorbet HQ FB group. The post got a lot of attention from other clients saying that they too had experienced/ suffered from similar types of negligence by the same group, all-be it at different branches.

This morning when I opened my Facebook to see if Sorbet head office had gotten in touch with me, I found that instead of addressing the issue with me directly, they chose to DELETE my post. 

How’s that for trying to sweep things under the rug?

I can only assume that this is because the post was starting to go viral, with over 150 shares and 600+ comments from other clients saying that they had experiences similar to mine, or just down right disgusted at the state of my nails. 

When I made my original post, it was not to be provocative. It was to voice a grievance that I have as a customer and the grievance is this:

I trusted your brand, I paid you for your expertise, I took a personal experience and chose to support your business as the place to fulfill this need however instead of trying to help me, you tried to silence my frustration by pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Your call-to-action was to consulat a lawyer to ask for facts on a social media post but that was my direct experience and feedback as one of your long-standing clients.

You did not acknowledge any fault but instead posted generic PR statements all over my post, asking for details and saying you would get in touch.?

How many more details do you need: Raging infection, rotting nails, black mold, I’m on your VIP loyalty System, CALL ME!

The reality, regardless of a post being deleted or not, is that my nails are severely infected, with multiple fungi and despite of how you chose to action or not action, acknowledge or not acknowledge, blame shift, or just outright ignore, I still need to spend the next few months dealing with YOUR “I don’t care” attitude.

Every morning I get to wake up and look at my black moldy nails and think: “gee, Sorbet were so good about the way they handled all of this…” -NOT

so there is my feedback. A shining example of how you handle your clients, their feedback and your policies all neatly displayed. 

-P.s. in case all the other aggrieved customers who were following my post wondered what happened, I have taken the time to tag them individually below.
As a service provider, you should be ashamed that your first port of call was to “make me disappear” by removing my post, instead of picking up the phone and offering so little as an apology.

Thanks Sorbet, I sure got that feeling

And this is their response after her post went viral 

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  1. Went in for a blow dry at Douglasdale dry bar and wow, such rudeness.
    Thobi Mlangeni shampooed my hair and quite quickly washed it off, and I said that’s too quick my scalp is still itchy, anyway I let her do her thing but before she started to blow dry I said my scalp and itchy, she said with an attitude, does it mean it’s not clean and you said yes, and I asked if she minds washing it again, she said she does as she washed my hair twice already with a deep cleanser, how rude, she then asked one of her other colleagues to wash my hair.
    I could not believe it