South Africa saluting India

We see the beautiful red saris,
But let us not forget the blood of martyrs.
It’s not a stain.
It’s a sacrifice to be saluted.

We hear the bangles dance on the hands of women,
But let’s not forget the hard work of those bare hands
That built this nation.

We marvel at the colourful festivals,
It is a land that is truly a religious and cultural kaleidoscope.

We celebrate the Taj Mahal,
But let us not forget that India made a “tryst with destiny”.

Independence came first,
But, it took some time before the nation could be free,
In every sense of the word.

Today, we honour the constitution that was born,
Breaking away from British laws and practices,
Like South Africa removing itself from the shackles of colonialism and apartheid,
And giving democracy it’s due.

Mahatma Gandhi –
The thread that brings India and South Africa together
But, it has woven itself deeper and stronger now.

India has opened a myriad of opportunities
For travel, for study,
Enriching and upskilling thousands of young South Africans.

It’s reason to rejoice!
But it’s spoken about only by a few,
And then too, in hushed tones.

Let us see India today,
As that friend who has firmly stood by us,
And still does.

Let us honour India for its richest asset:
It’s people.

Warm and welcoming,
With smiles that shine from within their souls.

India, dear India,
As you raise your tri colour flag,
We raise the South Africa flag in unity.

Let us soar together.

Maya Jagjivan

Passionate journalist-cum-lecturer. Coffee fuels me, family drives me and nature’s beauty feeds my here to view all her articles and her blog here

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