The must try interior trends for 2018

From designer chairs with royal prints, wall coverings to sage becoming the new neutral colour tone, interior trends for 2018 have more to do with subtle elegance. Interior design expert Raseel Gujral doles out tips on how to make your living space lively.

* Striking accentuated furniture is often the focal point of your living space. Designer chairs with royal prints can stand as the royal throne of your living room.

* Incorporate furnishings with traditional motifs and exquisite ornate designs that add the much-needed vibe of neo-classical style to your interiors.

* Hand carved teak wood shutters, furniture legs finished with gold leafing, and ornate hand carved base will add the ultimate royal appeal to furniture designs.

* To exude subtle opulence through your interior décor, opt for crystal accents and fabric embellished or embroidered with mirror fascia.

* Express the drama of the interplay of cultures from two different eras that of the royalty then and the royalty now, with exquisite wall covering, arches etched at the centre point of the hallway, and drench your home décor with shades like hunter green, stunning pink complemented with the royal gold.

Anjali Goel, Design Head at La Sorogeeka shares some tips too.

* Reawakening of the designs from yesteryears is going to create a renaissance with designs crafted for the coming years.

* Sage is to be the new neutral colour tone. Replacing the likes of pure white, beige and stone – the muted green with grey reflecting the earthy tone is going to be the trendsetter. Paired with woods and a cream colour palette, the green will soften and warm up any space. Other pastels that are tipped to be hot include soft mustards, jades and olives.

* 2018 is going to bring an opera of classical decor by reinventing its approach to styling.

* A surprising blend of modern details with the craftsmanship of legendary years is going to give a unique and unreal look to the decor designs.

* The design trends would include features that characterise luxury with opulence.

* An inventive way to transform the space could be created by designing a statement ceiling as a standout feature.

* Statement doors and boiserie will add flair and style of luxury to the interior decor.

* Exotic inlay patterns, elaborate contemporary carving details webbed together in furniture details are going to fuse eras together creating the new trends for 2018.

* The new trends for 2018 would also include exotic inlay/motif patterns on ceilings and floors with semi-precious stones.

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