Elvis Presley and his influence on Shammi Kapoor

The King of rock and roll needs no introduction to music lovers. Elvis Presley is after all, not only a pioneer in music, but also a cultural icon whose influence has endured over generations. One of the earliest musicians to make rockabilly – an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country music, rhythm and blues – popular, Presley was also a consummate showman. He had the crowds swooning over as much his voice and music as his sexually charged performances.

On his 83rd birth anniversary (8 January), let’s celebrate the legendary Elvis Presley with some of his greatest hits:

Presley of course had a huge influence on Bollywood as well, most obviously on Shammi Kapoor. Though Kapoor always denied it, it does seem that the actor was hugely inspired by Presley, from his looks to his moves.

The music “inspired” too of course. Check out these numbers:

Get the picture? Here are some more:


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