In Pics: The Dabboo Ratnani calendar shoot

Ace Bollywood photographer Dabboo Ratnani has been capturing some of the biggest stars of the Hindi film industry with his lens for decades now, and his celebrity calendar has been a hit since it was first conceptualised and published in 1999.

This year, Ratnani has once again got B-Town’s leading actors to strike a pose for his latest calendar. We’ve got a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Dabboo’s shoots for his 2018 calendar which will be launched on 17 January.

See the pics below:

Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
Tiger Shroff with Dabboo and Manisha Ratnani during his shoot.
Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
Some behind the scenes fun with Shah Rukh Khan
Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
Varun Dhawan poses with Dabboo
Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
Sidharth Malhotra looks dapper in his suit.
Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
Kriti pouts with the Ratnani juniors.
Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
It’s all Sunny on Dabboo Ratnani’s set
Shraddha Kapoor posing with Myra Ratnani.
Dabboo Ratnani calendar 2018
Miss World Manisha Chillar makes her debut on the Dabboo Ratnani calendar.

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