Radio personality Sanobar Khan gets married!

A shot of Khan in?New Delhi ? @ronythakur ? @parambanana

Sanobar Khan who is a familiar voice on the airwaves of Lotus FM recently married the nawab of her life Sajjaad Khan and she made a gorgeous bride! 

Here’s some pictures off social media of the much loved radio personality!

May be the last time now… #BecomingMrsKhan ?

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Khan who is the traffic presenter of the Afternoon Take Over also fills in occasionally on the Bollywood chart show has been a welcome addition to the station. Sanobar also enjoys a serious amount of following on social media with her breathtaking photos of her travels that will give you serious wanderlust! 

When she is not on-air you will find Sanobar seeking adventure – jumping off the edge of a gorge or plane. If not, she is blogging, studying and spending time with friends and family. 

SABC’s lifestyle show Mela had their resident dashing Mishaal Mookrey who spend the day with Sanobar to get to know her better.
Watch the video here:

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