WATCH: Aunty Vassi goes to Nagiahs Midrand

Preshen’s mom – our much loved Aunty Vassi – took Roshel with her to B. Nagiahs in Midrand to get some shopping done. This is where the drama began when Vassi gossips with Preshen. All we can say is AIYOH!

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Is Nagiahs meat Halaal?

All B. Nagiah’s Lamb & Sheep are slaughtered according to the halaal rights and custom, however, as an independent butcher, B. Naghiahs in not a halaal store, nor are we affiliated with any Muslim body. Purchasing Lamb & Sheep from B. Nagiahs is a personal choice, as is procurement from any supermarket.

Where is: Nagiahs Midrand is located 13 & 14, Waterfall Centre, Bekker Rd & Le Roux Ave, Midrand, Johannesburg, 1686

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