Aunty Vassi shopping at B. Nagiah’s watch the video here

If you haven’t met Aunty Vassi already then we suggest you sit down as she takes you on one of her adventures at B. Nagiah’s!

Preshen’s mom, the much-loved Aunty Vassi, heads over to stock up on her meat, chicken, fish and veggies like she does every month at B. Nagiah’s Midrand.

B. Nagiah’s ranked number one in 2018 for the best tasting chicken tikka sausages in KwaZulu Natal and that was definitely on her list! On this particular occasion, she was accompanied by Roshel – Preshen’s kallit kween from Sydenham – this turned out interesting as you KNOW there’s drama that follows Aunty Vassi Govender Maharaj.

All we can say is AIYOH! watch here

b nagiahs
It’s the festive season, summer days and loads of friends over and B. Nagiahs have a stack of specials for you click here

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