VIDEO: Binte Dil explores the love between Khilji & Kafur

Crooned by Arijit Singh, Binte Dil is a sultry song where Jim Sarbh’s character Kafur is by now more than just a slave and a little less than a lover of Khilji.

The sexual undertones of their relationship are much evident from the video of the song though Bhansali has clearly not defined Khilji and Kafur’s relationship in the film. Kafur is in love with Khilji so much so that he doesn’t mind singing for him even from behind the veil as Khilji makes love to another woman.

The passion in Arijit’s voice as he sings the lines written by AM Turaz adds up to the sensuality of the song. The Urdu lyrics mixed with the middle eastern notes makes the rendition the one to be played on loop.

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